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Syngonium Plant

Syngonium Plant podophyllum or Nephthytis is an exciting houseplant that usually grows as a stable, well-rounded plant variety. Popularly known as the Arrowhead plant, it spreads out and extends in different directions. For plant enthusiasts who wish to manage a lovely home garden, it is an easy to care plant that does not require regular watering. Unlike many indoor plants, the Arrowhead plant is low light tolerant and can grow anywhere you keep it. Based on the type of Syngonium Plant, the leaves highlight a wide array of colors and patterns. Hence, you can make a selection based on your choice and liking.

Syngonium Plant: Best for Home Décor

Being a slow-growing indoor plant, it thrives perfectly when potted or kept as a hanging plant. The most notable aspect about the Arrowhead plant is associated with its attractive appearance, capable of brightening up your interior decor. According to experts, Syngonium Plant never dies. This statement can be justified by the plant’s ability to survive even when neglected by the owners. Even if the plant appears dead, you can get it back on track by providing sufficient water and sunlight. Managing live plants is a task, but with Arrowhead plants at home, you can stay carefree. Moreover, having an Arrowhead plant at home is suitable based on Feng Shui. It detoxifies the indoor air and makes you feel refreshed.

Syngonium Plant
Syngonium Plant

How to grow Syngonium Plant?

Having the right knowledge and direction, you can grow an arrowhead vine plant at home. It majorly depends on the way you nurture, which results in a lush and healthy indoor plant. The primary requirement is to position the Syngonium in a well-lit section of the house. You need to ensure sufficient light for the planter, but that does not include direct sunlight. It can result in plant sunburn or leaf bleaching if the condition gets worsened.

Furthermore, place your Arrowhead plant in the north direction of the room. The temperature range suitable for Syngonium is between 18-27°C for steady growth. There is also a consideration for the humidity level around new plants somewhere close to 50%. Do notice if the arrowhead plant leaves start getting brown, which is a condition of low humidity.

How to water Syngonium plant?

The process of watering an arrowhead plant is not complicated at all. However, you need to keep the right track of atmospheric humidity. Especially during the summer and early fall season, it is essential to ensure the arrowhead planter’s soil remains moist.

On the other hand, the winter season is relatively dormant for this indoor plant. In simple words, the water requirement is less, and you should check the soil moistness with your finger before supplying any quantity of water. Apart from following a proper watering cycle, it is vital to spray the arrowhead plant with water mist time and again. Such practice will assist in balancing the humidity in the surrounding space close to the tropical plant. The perfect humid climate for the growth of the arrowhead plant is above 60 F. However, it can very well survive even when the temperature is slightly lower. Do keep a note that cold and frosty temperatures will not be favorable for Syngonium plants’ growth.

How to propagate Syngonium Plant?

The method to propagate arrowhead plants is straightforward. You can proceed by managing at least a three-inch cutting during the summer season. Ensure the cutting is from a mature and healthy arrowhead plant. The next step is to coat the cutting end in rooting hormones freely. Once this is done, position it in a fresh pot filled with potting soil (a mixture of cocopeat, sand and other materials.). This should primarily comprise of vermiculite and peat moss. Some people prefer the use of perlite to support new cuttings. Maintain an even humidity level around your new cuttings by covering the entire pot in a plastic bag and placing it out of direct sunlight. This arrowhead propagation method requires at least a month to get the roots to settle firmly in the soil. Interestingly, you can also allow them to grow in water. However, this process requires additional attention, especially during the root growing period.

Fertilizer for Syngonium Plant

There is a need to use fertilizer for maintaining steady growth for your Syngonium plant. Always select well-drained soil to prevent water collection in the pot. Such a condition can directly lead to root rotting. You can also switch to liquid fertilizer during the growing season that works wonderfully to offer you a healthy arrowhead plant.


Syngonium or Arrowhead plants are lovely tropical houseplants that can surely enhance the look of your living room and other indoor spaces. They will survive for the longest when provided with a warm and humid location without much disturbance. People have evolved new styles of potting arrowhead plants; this includes customized pots of different shapes and colors. They are easy to maintain when you follow the essential care tips, including watering, sunlight, soil nourishment, etc. Go check out these plants today to beautify your house in a better way!

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