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Small Indoor Plants

57 Gorgeous Small Indoor Plants for Compact Spaces

Adding philodendrons and majesty palms to a room is a great way to give it a finishing touch and to fill in empty corners and walls. However, the problem is that big plants aren’t always the best choice for apartments and less-than-spacious houses.  However, the good news is that there are plenty of options for […]

Indoor Palm Plants

20 Types of Indoor Palm Plants | How to Grow and Care Plam Plants

When was the last time you enjoyed beaches and their shoreline palm tree? You must have cherished your stay in the Maldives or any tropical shores if you had a chance to experience it. Unfortunately, not everybody can enjoy the view of such amazing palm trees and breezy vibes.  Don’t worry! We have indoor palm […]

Big Leaf Indoor Plants

15 Best Big Leaf Indoor Plants

While decorating your interiors, splashing green plants here and there feels so good. It brings in the life of the place! But having big leaf indoor plants is a completely different game.  These potted beauties are so captivating that you might be compelled to look at them! These plants are the go-to option if you […]

Beautiful Indoor Plants

30 Most Beautiful Indoor Plants

Are you planning to decorate your house with indoor plants? Well, who doesn’t want to lighten the green lamp in their house? Here we are picking the 30 most beautiful indoor plants in India that will outshine the other aspects of your home. 1) Chinese Money Plant The Chinese Money Plant is one of India’s […]

Lucky Indoor Plants

25 Lucky Indoor Plants that Bring Prosperity and Fortune

Do you believe in luck? Can you think that your potted plant friend can help you with it?  Yes, lucky indoor plants for homes do exist! Keep reading as we list them for you. Before that, here is a brief about feng shui and Vastu shastra—two major beliefs on welcoming positive energy in a space. […]

Top 10 Indoor Plants

Top 10 Indoor Plants for your Home

Are you looking for a perfect indoor plant?  Then, you won’t regret checking out the list of top10 indoor plants mentioned in this article. No doubt, there are several indoor plants. This may make it difficult to choose the right fit for your home. Since there are many aspects to consider, such as finding the […]

Best indoor flowering plants

30+ Best Indoor Flowering Plants

Brighten up your home with low-maintenance indoor plants that bloom all year long. There are a variety of colorful and inexpensive options on this list, all with the longest bloom time. To get started, the general rule of thumb is to purchase mature plants rather than seeds, unless you have an abundance of patience and […]

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