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Indoor Hanging Plants

Transform Your Home with These 30+ Stunning Indoor Hanging Plants

Looking for the best indoor hanging plants?  The beauty of hanging plants is that they add a lot of life to your home. Also, they make your home look great. It covers your home with a haze of lush leaves and bright flowers when you hang indoor plants. So, maximize the space in your home […]

types of indoor plants

30+ Different Types of Indoor Plants

In our exclusive list, you will find more than 30 different types of indoor plants so you won’t have any problems choosing the best plants for your home! As there are so many types of indoor plants available today, choosing one that suits your needs becomes quite challenging. Well, I have put together a list […]

Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants

20+ Best Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants

In this fast-paced life, you might not have enough time to look after your green companions. But fear not!  We have sorted out the best low maintenance indoor plants India to liven up your homes. These won’t give you much trouble and won’t be a challenge to you.  New plant parents can feel the new […]

Large Indoor Plants

30+ Best Large Indoor Plants

Small houseplants are cute, but large indoor plants are becoming increasingly popular. They’re not only a terrific way to bring life to your home, but big indoor plants are also an incredible way to make a statement with your decor.  It just takes a few tall plants to transform your home into a tropical oasis, […]

Indoor Water Plants

35+ Amazing Indoor Water Plants

Do you want indoor plants that have the following benefits? If you answer the above question YES!, then these amazing indoor water plants are perfect for you. With indoor water plants, you can easily nurture greenery at your home without devoting much time. With that said, let’s quickly check out more than 35 indoor water […]

Indoor Flowering Plants that Do Not need Sunlight

Best 15+ Indoor Flowering Plants that Do Not need Sunlight

Who doesn’t crave the beauty of flowers in their space?  Flowering plants not only add beauty and grace to your space but also interact with your mind and body. You can add these flowers to your home and feel the positivity and an appealing aura around you.  Feel the touch of nature, keeping the beauties […]

Indoor Plants for Bedroom

20+ Best Indoor Plants for Bedroom that Help you to Give the Best Sleep Ever

Do you know that adding the best indoor plants for bedroom can help you sleep faster and better? It turns out that houseplants can do more than just add a splash of green to your home, especially to your bedroom.  Plants could lower indoor air pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde, and a more recent study […]

Tall Indoor Plants

20+ Best Tall Indoor Plants

Everyone deserves tall greenery to elevate their space and make even the smallest living rooms appear three times larger. You cannot compare any decor piece to the best tall indoor plants. It defines the decor of the home and office space.  Consider this your cheat guide of 20+ tall indoor plants India to the gigantic […]

Mosquito Repellent Indoor Plants

10+ Best Mosquito Repellent Indoor Plants in India

Mosquitoes can be a nuisance while you are outside during the evening, but they can be even worse once they get indoors. Instead of grabbing a can of chemical bug spray, try growing a few well-chosen indoor plants to keep mosquitoes away. You heard that right! Mosquitoes are repelled by several indoor plants, and many […]

Indoor Creeper Plants

30 Best Indoor Creeper Plants You Can Grow Easily In Home

Do you remember your hiking days? Sleeping in the middle of the forest and waking up to the sight of lavish green trees all around you?  Did you enjoy the green climbers cascading down gloriously? How would you feel about waking up daily to enjoy this view? Why not bring these climber babies into your […]

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