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snake plant soil

Optimal Soil for Snake Plants: Guide to the Best Growing Conditions

The snake plant is well-known for its long green-colored striking leaves. It has yellow borders that give it an attractive charm.This plant is also widely known as mother-in-law’s tongue and can survive in various environments. Gardeners consider it “hard to kill the plant,” even if neglected occasionally. However, what if one day you noticed restricted […]

How to Propagate Snake Plant

How to Propagate Snake Plant

If there were a title for the most resilient of plants, the snake plant would be at the top of the list. These straightforward plants are known to both decorate your plants and benefit your health simultaneously. And with small houseplants being all the craze these days, it is important that we know everything there […]

why is my snake plant not growing

Why Is My Snake Plant Not Growing?

Did you know snake plants always grow up straight? But what if one day, your beloved snake plant isn’t growing up? Snake plants are versatile plants that look beautiful and can be maintained with care. In general, these plants can grow up to three inches in 4 weeks. Sometimes these easy-growing plants’ growth rate may […]

snake plant dying

Snake Plant Dying – Causes and How to Save It

Why are your snake plants dying? Let us know the most common causes of why your snake plants are dying and how you can fix this issue! For me, my snake plants are everything. Wish I had a bigger space, I could have included at least hundreds of snake plants, but alas, a townhouse life […]

snake plant leaves drooping

Snake Plant Leaves Drooping – Causes and Solutions

Please help! My snake plant’s leaves are drooping! Sansevieria trifasciata, often known as the snake plant is renowned as one of the most resilient and low-maintenance indoor succulent plants. Its pointed leaves must stand for the plant to have a lovely form and receive the most sunlight. But sometimes, you may find that your beloved […]

moonshine snake plant

Moonshine Snake Plant: How To Grow And Care!

If you love growing houseplants, then you will find growing Moonshine snake plants very easy. Learn how to grow and take care of this plant if you want your moonshine to shine brighter! Today, I will be talking about one of my favorite plants among all other houseplants, Moonshine snake plants. (I feel like a […]

snake plant leaves curling

Snake Plant Leaves Curling: Causes And Solutions

Are you worried about your snake plant leaves curling up? When the leaves of snake plants curl, there is a problem that needs to be fixed right away to save the plant. Anything from water issues to root diseases or other issues could be the issue. The good news is that if you have patience […]

how to grow snake plant faster

How to Grow Snake Plant Faster?

Hi, are you looking for ways to make your snake plant grow faster? Then, read the article below and follow the easy steps below! The snake plant is one of the most commonly grown houseplants. Being succulent plants, they do not need much care to thrive, but if you want to grow them faster then […]

pot for snake plant

Pot for Snake Plant: How to Choose the Best Pot for Snake Plant?

Are you looking for a perfect pot for your beloved snake plant? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We are here to help and save you from the time it takes you from reading the endless reviews and the stress to choose the right one! Due to its ease of cultivation, […]

does snake plant need sunlight

Does Snake Plant Need Sunlight: Here are their Light Requirements!

Does my snake plant require sun exposure? I know this question appears like a straightforward question for you, but the answer is still yes. Some people believe that snake plants are indoor plants that don’t need much sunlight. And this is why people get the wrong thought in their minds and keep their snake plants […]

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