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yellow snake plant

Yellow Snake Plant: Why it is Turning Yellow, Causes and How to Fix It!

Is your snake plant turning yellow? Are you wondering why this is happening and how can you fix it? Let’s explore the causes of this issue and how you can diagnose it! Snake plants are evergreen plants that grow straight upright and are very popular for their attractive appearance. Sometimes for some reason your Snake […]

overwatered snake plant

Overwatered Snake Plant – Signs and How to Save

The snake plant, also known as Dracaena trifasciata, is one of the most well-known and widespread indoor plants in existence today. These plants are simple to grow but are very sensitive. If the plant is not provided with the appropriate amount of water and sunlight, then it can damage the plant. Overwatering in snake plants […]

snake plant benefits

15 Snake Plant Benefits | Reasons To Put A Snake Plant In Your Bedroom and Home

Snake plants are native to Africa and grow as evergreen perennial plants. They have strong, appealing leaves that stand vertically tall, making an excellent masterpiece. It can reach upto 6ft in ideal conditions. There are also various snake plant benefits in the bedroom. No, it is not only limited to the beautiful and appealing aura […]

Snake Plant Disadvantages

10+ Snake Plant Disadvantages

Suppose you have a snake plant at your home, either you got it as a gift like me or someone recommended you a snake plant to bring home, because of its positivity and health benefits. Have you ever wondered, if there could be disadvantages of snake plants too? No, right! Of course, if you are […]

Snake Plant Flower

Secrets to Blooming Snake Plants: Unlock Flowering Tips

Did you ever know that you can make your snake plant bloom? Do you wanna know how to make a snake plant bloom at your home very easily?  I bet you never knew that and you could even surprise everyone by making it bloom. Then, why are you waiting? You have come to the right […]

30+ Types of Snake Plant Most Popular and Beautiful Varieties

30+ Types of Snake Plant Most Popular and Beautiful Varieties

For a while, snake plants were almost forgotten, but they are now back on the scene as ornamental plants. Also, there are many things that make the snake plants so special. Yet the most special thing is its somewhat bizarre appearance. Not to mention its special drawing leaves. Another impressive aspect of snake plants is […]

Snake Plant

Snake Plant: Benefits, Types, Care, and How to Grow

Do you know that the snake plant does not have a stem? They have just tough, thick, and upright leaves. Besides, if there were a prize for the most tolerant plant, Snake Plant would certainly be it! Many houseplants are grown for decoration and to maintain Feng Shui Practice; snake plants belong to this category […]

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