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balcony garden ideas & plants in india

Top 5 Balcony Garden Ideas & Plants in India

Most people these days are inclined towards planning a balcony garden that is filled with attractive houseplants. The concept of balcony gardens has escalated in the past few years, which are smartly decorated with hanging flower pots, herbs, and other valuable additions. In India, you can spot several urban and suburban spaces with lovely balcony and terrace gardens. 

The best part about the balcony garden is that it can be planned regardless of the corresponding space, big or small. For instance, you can have a small balcony garden comprising little railing baskets to innovative vertical gardens with multiple pots. People who share a gardener’s perspective can try out different design ideas to beauty the décor.  

Things to Consider for Planning a Balcony Garden

Before you plan to set up a balcony garden, it is imperative to check whether or not the balcony faces the shady north or the fuming hot south once the sun is out. Remember that all plants need a specific amount of sunshine. Therefore, you need to plan the pots’ placement in your balcony. For example, vegetable gardens usually require 8-10 hours of sunlight, and anything less can hamper plant growth. Moreover, it would be best if you were precise with selecting pots that offer proper draining. It also requires a significant focus on the type of pot material that also plays a vital part in maintaining plant growth. It is recommended to contact your nearest nursery or gardening experts for better advice associated with balcony garden setup & maintenance tips. 

Modern Balcony Garden Ideas

Typically, balcony space is categorized under micro-spacing, and you need to determine important factors like sunlight, weight limits, etc., beforehand. These days, people have been testing their creative side with balcony garden spaces. The presence of all sorts of containers and boundary defining elements can help bring out several exciting arrangements. Below mentioned are some of the famous garden balcony ideas you can implement without much worry: 

Structure a Living Wall

balcony garden ideas

The presence of living walls work as a gorgeous statement and simultaneously provides ample greenery without the high maintenance. You need not have to spend too much time and effort on gardening, but a living wall setup permits you to have a systematic gardening space in your balcony. 

Railing &Ladder Planters

You will be surprised to know that a ladder-like shelf system is perfect for making your balcony garden acquire a lush and green appearance. You can follow this garden design for growing flowers, herbs, and other houseplants that can be conveniently stacked in your balcony space.

Jungle- Styled Oasis

balcony garden India

This particular design idea for balcony garden India involves raised platforms and ledges that offer extra space. You will agree that trailing plants’ availability will add better privacy to your balcony, offering a closed, jungle-like aura filled with greenery. Check this Jungle Ficus Tree Bonsai Tree for Sale

Vertical Gardens

balcony garden India

If you are looking for a space-saving idea, do opt for vertical gardens. With this arrangement, you can expand your creative vision and make better use of the surrounding space. For instance, make use of pallets filled with soil, attach plant pots to the trellis, planter stairs, hanging gutters, etc. 

Selection of Planters 

When the plant weight is not a significant issue, you can readily opt for large planters made out of wood or terra cotta. These are very appealing and tend to enhance the glow of the space where they are kept. Some people prefer the use of resin and plastic pots since they are lightweight alternatives exhibiting self-watering features. 

FAQs About Balcony Garden

  • What is the impact of cold weather on balcony gardens?

    Winters might not be a good season for your balcony garden plants. If you are using ceramic pots, their soil should be removed to avoid freezing and pot cracking.

  • Which are the preferred plant types for large pots?

    If you are decorating your balcony garden using large pots, try out boxwood, dwarf fruit trees, small conifers, squash, rosemary, carrots, onions, citrus, d carrots, atura, bamboo, etc.

  • Can we cultivate fruits in our balcony garden?

    Surprisingly, you can quickly grow small citrus trees and herbs in your balcony. You need to pick the right soil, water, and temperature for easily growing fruits in the home garden.

  • What are the ideas for up-cycled containers?

    The concept of “up-cycling containers” is to convert any potential item, be it rubber boots, mugs, or baskets, into a planting pot. Balcony garden Bangalore homes have incorporated this design to reduce garbage and save a sufficient amount of money.

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