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Buy Plant Pots Online in India

Looking for a warm and comfy house for your new green little member?

Need an up-gradation for the existing ones or a replacement for the broken ones?

You don’t have to visit a potter or carry heavy pots from the market by yourself anymore. Buy plant pots online in India at the comfort of your home and get the opportunity to choose among the variety of pots at surprisingly affordable prices.

Want to buy plant pots online? Check how the plant pots come in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and materials, and choosing the right one can be a little confusing.

Let’s take a look at a brief introduction of different plant pots so you can choose the perfect one.

Buy Plant Pots Online by Material

The material of the pot matters a lot. Where are you going to place the potted plant, how heavy it is and if it will be able to survive in all the seasons? These are some factors that we should consider before buying the pot.

Check out these varieties of items if you are considering to buy plant pots online ?

Clay Pots Online

Known as traditional elites. Suitable for growing plants, clay pots are porous and allows air and moisture to enter the soil so that your dear plant doesn’t feel suffocated.

Plastic Pots Online

 Lightweight, durable, and fit for both indoor and outdoor plants. Planters for your kitchen garden, pots for the flowering plants, or containers for decorative artificial flowers, plastic will do it all. With plastic pots, you don’t have to water the plant quite often.

Terracotta Pots Online

Made from baked clay, a reddish-brown terracotta pot is a classic and popular choice. The variety of quality and price of terracotta pots online is striking. From the cheapest to remarkably expensive; small to large; you can buy whatever you want without stepping outside of your home.

Ceramic Pots Online

Best for the growth of tropical plants, glazed ceramic pots or stonewares are an excellent investment option. They make your gardening spot look great and due to having less porousness, own the ability to keep soil moisture. But, ceramic pots are heavy and can cost a little too much. 

Mud Pots Online

Mud or earthen pots are eco-friendly, cheap, and are the most natural for your plants you can get online. Like clay pots, these too create the best environment for the plant to grow.

Metal Pots Online

Make your mini-garden look ornamental. From stainless steel to classic copper and brass, you’ll find any kind of these unique and long-lasting containers for your plants. They are stylish and can be recycled or repurposed later.

Buy Plant Pots Online by Utility

Looking for large garden pots online or indoor hanging planters for your beautiful Trailing jade? There’s nothing that isn’t available online. 

Large Garden Pots

Provide enough space for your big plants to grow, keep your small plants together, and are the bests for outdoor gardening. Online you can find some of the best and cheapest large garden pots and get them delivered to your doorstep, without shedding a drop of your sweat.

Indoor Plant Pots

From attractive tabletop flower pots to gardening pouches, indoor plant pots have always been trendsetters. Hang them on your balconies, put them at your windows, office desk, or living room and they will make the spot bloom.  

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters and containers online are best if you want to grow plants and flowers in a small place area. Lightweight and decorative, they can be hanged on your balconies or the walls of your gardens.

Railing Plant Pots

Usually made of galvanized metal or plastic, railing pots come in huge varieties. Hooked on the walls of your backyard or the railing of your balconies, these plant pots give a unique look and vibe to your home.

Bonsai Pots & Planters

Bonsai Plants is a hot topic today. For the proper growth of Bonsai, the pot should be large enough that the plant can sit and spread its root leisurely. It’s better to look for them online as you won’t find them easily in your local nurseries. Check out these Bonsai Planters

Other Ideas to Buy Plant Pots Online

You can browse through the extensive range of pots for plants online in India for decorative purposes. Be it a Terrarium for cactuses or designer planters and planter stands, with a little browsing and searching, you can make your home and backyard look gorgeous.

Apart from that, you can also find customized pots for pot decoration for Diwali. These colorful and glittering pots add up to your Diwali decoration and give a rich sense of Indian culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Plant pots?

Plant pots are containers for plants that come in a range of sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and designs.

What is the difference between Plant Pots and Planters?

Plant pots are generally small, round, and used for indoor plants while planters are meant to contain outdoor big plants and can be of irregular sizes.

Where can I Buy Plant Pots Online?

Abana Homes offers a great range of plant pots online to buy in India. Starting at Rs. 90, you can find all sort of ceramic pots, bonsai planters, and many more designs of pots to order online.

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