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Bonsai Tree for Sale – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Ask yourself before buying a bonsai tree for sale

In order to buy bonsai tree on sale, you need to ask these three questions to yourself. That’s where we start with our customers.

  1. What is your budget to buy bonsai tree sale?
  2. Do you want an outdoor bonsai or indoor bonsai?
  3. Do you know how to care for the bonsai tree?

Answer to these three questions can help make solid decision.

This summary of bonsai tree will help you in making the decision.

TypeSizePrice RangeSuitable For
Small Bonsai Tree for Sale15-20cm700-1200Beginners, Intermediate, Pro
Medium Bonsai Tree for Sale25-30 cm1800-3000Beginners, Intermediate, Pro
Grown Bonsai Tree For Sale30-60cm3500-7500Beginners, Intermediate, Pro
Old Bonsai Tree1mtr – 5 mtrsOn DemandBeginners, Intermediate, Pro
Old bonsai trees for sale are available on demand pricing. They cost more above 1.5 lacs.

Bonsai Plants for Beginners

Here is the top three bonsai plants for beginners that you should choose from.

Bonsai tree Sale


Ficus Bonsai Tree

Why Ficus Plant is good for beginners?

  • Value for money. There is no other bonsai plant like this. It’s gold standard to begin with.
  • Beautiful in foliage and curved shape
  • Low Maintenance & Hard to Kill
  • Comes from Auspicious Banyan Tree family.
  • Starts from Rs. 800 – Rs. 10,000+

Want to explore the collection and select at your own? Check all bonsai tree & plants here.

Most Bought Indoor Bonsai Plants & Trees

Low Maintenance Bonsai Plants

Most Gifted Bonsai Trees

While gifting a bonsai tree, you should always consider to gift plant which are easy to maintain. So that the person should smile by looking at the plant and he/she does not have to care much of the plant. #FicusRecommended.

1. Budget to Buy Bonsai Tree Sale

Bonsai Tree for Sale comes with various price ranges. Here is an sneak peak that will help you in understanding the bonsai tree for sale price.

2. Outdoor Bonsai Plant or Indoor Bonsai Plant?

Let me help you make the decision here.

Bonsai Tree can be kept inside the house as well as outside the house depending on the choice. If you’ve balcony garden or terrace garden, you can definitely go for outdoor bonsai plant.

However, in today’s apartment culture, people prefer indoor bonsai tree for sale over the outdoor one.

Indoor Bonsai Plant MUST be kept in the well lit room.

You living room or the bed room can work very well if it has a window or any source of natural light.

By natural light, we DONT MEAN SUNLIGHT. Just the natural light, reflection of sunlight or outside natural light.

This is enough for the bonsai plants to survive and grow well.

The popular Indoor and Semi Indoor Bonsai Tree are: Carmona Bonsai Tree, Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree, Ficus Bonsai Tree.

3. How to take care of the bonsai tree?

Caring of Bonsai Plant for sale is not difficult. It’s easy if you ready to care for it. 🙂

Caring includes watering the plant daily, alternate days or depending on the weather situation.

Apart from that, you need to prune and trim the bonsai plant after every 3-4 months. It hardly takes an hour time.

Adding fertilizer depends on the condition of the bonsai plant and it is done once in 2 months or you can go for the slow release smart fertilizer for bonsai tree that lasts for 6 months.

Now you should be ready to make the decision about getting your first bonsai plant. 🙂

Indoor Bonsai Tree for Sale under 1000

Outdoor Bonsai Tree for Sale under 1000

All Indoor Bonsai Tree for Sale and All Outdoor Bonsai Tree for Sale sorted by price and availability.

Here are a few of my personal recommendations to buy bonsai tree sale.

List of Bonsai Tree for Sale

  • Carmona Bonsai Tree
  • Ulmus Bonsai Tree
  • Jade Bonsai Tree
  • Ficus Bonsai Tree
  • Banyan Bonsai Tree
  • Pachira Bonsai Tree
  • Maple Bonsai Tree
  • Mango Bonsai Tree
  • Bougainvillea Bonsai Tree
  • Boxwood Bonsai Tree
  • Rademachera Bonsai Tree
  • Knotted Bonsai Tree
  • Wax Maphigia Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Tree for Sale – Keep your gardening spirit up.

It is so beautiful when you get to see a child grow in your own eyes. This is how you will feel when you will see the bonsai plants grow. Bonsai plants are like children who need proper nourishment and care.

Adding to that, bonsai plants keep up your inner gardening spirit. You will see that gardening will become your hobby as you will take care of bonsai plants. You will feel that your concentration is shifted to this stress-relieving activity. It will make you feel light and calm.

Types of Bonsai Tree for sale

In case if you are wondering which plants will be best. Here is the list of some popular and best bonsai plants for sale:

Indoor Bonsai Tree For Sale

  • Carmona Indoor Flowering Bonsai
  • Pachira Indoor Bonsai Plant
  • Jade Bonsai Plant
  • Grafted Ficus Bonsai Plant
  • Rademachera Bonsai Plant

Semi-Indoor Bonsai Tree For Sale

  • S Shape Ficus Bonsai Tree
  • Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree (Ulmus Bonsai)
  • Boxwood Bonsai Tree

Outdoor Bonsai Tree For Sale

  • Banyan Bonsai Tree
  • Maple Bonsai Tree
  • Mango Bonsai Tree
  • Bougainvillea Bonsai Tree
  • Boxwood Bonsai Tree

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree For Sale

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree works as stress-buster as well as an air purifier. It works as air purifier because it absorbs harmful gases like Xylene, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. It also helps in relieving your stress to a great extent. It fills in your house with positive vibes which can help to raise your confidence. You can get this bonsai tree for sale starting at Rs. 999.

It is an semi outdoor bonsai tree for sale which is perfect home decor. It has beautiful branching with delicate and small fresh green leaves. You should not be stressed out about taking care of this plant. They are made for beginners because of its forgiving nature. You can keep this plant looks extremely beautiful and elegant in a ceramic pot.

Bonsai plants are good air purifiers. These bonsai tree for sale can be a true blessing in this world full of pollution. It kills pollution, germs and purifies the air you breathe in and treats various harmful gases present in your house. It is a perfect plant for beginners because it is of low maintenance and also a good luck plant that brings peace, prosperity, and happiness in your house.

Syngonium plants are even perfect for gifting on father’s day, mother’s day, anniversary or any other occasion. They are the indoor plants that you can keep in any corner of your room. You can keep these plants in various types of eye-catching pots. The pots are available in various designs and colors.

Carmona Bonsai Plant

Carmona Bonsai plants are exotic bonsai plants that look amazing when you keep it in receptions, desks or entrance of any place. This plant will add a special glow to your place. It belongs to the Fukien tea species that originated from China. This plant has an S-shaped trunk with small leaves that bloom white flowers during summer.

It is a great air-purifying plant which can cool your house. You can wrap these plants as a gift and send a message with it as it is a great gifting plant. You can bring good luck and charm to your house through this plant. If you are a beginner, then this plant will make your gardening experience interesting.

Good luck Jade Plants

Also known as the Money Plant, Dollar Plant, and Friendship Plant. You can keep this auspicious and lucky plant in your home because it is money attracting plant. If you take care of these plants properly, then they will last for a long time. You can keep them in your home and office as it can bring good luck. It brings prosperity and happiness in the house.

You should keep this plant indoors with proper watering and sunlight but you don’t need to spend much time looking after these plants as it just requires minimal care. You can get various colored and designed pots which will add to the elegance of the plant.

Gifting a Bonsai Tree

You can find bonsai plants for sale anywhere you want to. The bonsai plants can be easily bought online. Bonsai plants in Hyderabad, bonsai plants in Pune, bonsai plants in Chennai, bonsai plants in Bangalore, bonsai plants in Delhi, bonsai plants in Mumbai and many other places have removed the barrier of distance when it comes to gifts.

Gifting a bonsai plant is more special. Near or far, Bonsai plants can be great presents which can be given everywhere. Bonsai plants are a unique and rare form of gifts that are visually pleasing.

These bonsai plants are becoming very popular. There is various type of bonsai plants which can win the hearts of your love. You can find various combo offers and gift them which will make your partner feel special.

You can show the significance of your bond with your close ones with the help of these plants. Sending small letters and special gifts with these plants looks very good. Gifting bonsai plants will make you a very creative person.

Important factors considered before buying bonsai tree sale

There are a variety of options available for bonsai plants, but there are certain things which you should keep in mind while buying bonsai plants.

  • Firstly, buy the bonsai plants suitable for your climate. The above list shows the plants suitable for tropical and subtropical climate. The above list shows the bonsai suitable for tropical and subtropical regions.
  • Secondly, you must decide whether to keep the plants indoor or outdoor. You need to buy plants and place accordingly
  • Thirdly, choose the plant size properly. Plants come in a variety of sizes. Choose plants according to the place you will keep and how much you can take care of the plant.
  • Choose proper pots for your plants. You need to make sure that your pot is large enough to cover enough soil to cover the roots. You can also make a few holes to prevent the rotting of roots.

The Bonsai Tree For Sale is Always On.


Bonsai is an art, not the commodity. So think of it’s value as you buy the art.

Vinni Balyan – Founder & MD

The bonsai tree for sale is always on. So you never missed it. When you buy the art, you can not think of it like a commodity. And the good piece of art is always on sale. Even if you miss the bonsai tree for sale today, you’ll get another opportunity tomorrow. But the opportunity will be there.

All you need to figure out what you want and buy bonsai plant. Within a few days, it will be at your doorstep. Now you can try your hands with this.

We NOT ONLY sell the Bonsai Tree, We help you OWN it. So, you’ll get full support whenever you need.

Vinni Balyan – Founder & MD

Process to bag a bonsai tree for sale

  • Buy the bonsai plant: Decide the plant and place the order. Don’t forget to add the bonsai fertilizer to it as it saves you half the price when ordered with the plant.
  • Connect Over WhatsApp: After the order is placed, you’ll be connected on Whatsapp with bonsai plant care team. They will help you with the your order on bonsai tree for sale.
  • Your bonsai tree for sale order will be processed in 24 hours and shipment process will start. It may take a day or two to prepare the bonsai tree for shipment. After the plant is shipped, you’ll get a tracking ID to track the bonsai tree delivery.
  • Once you get the bonsai tree, you should follow the instructions mentioned over there in the leaflet indicating – Care Instruction Bonsai plant.
  • Also, it is good practice to send the picture of the plant received over the WhatsApp to the bonsai tree care team.

Increasing demand of bonsai tree sale

The demand for bonsai tree for sale is increasing at a huge rate. With modernization, everyone’s thought process is upgrading. This is evident from the increasing bonsai tree sale. You will get bonsai plants in Hyderabad, bonsai plants in Pune, bonsai plants in Chennai, bonsai plants in Bangalore, bonsai plants in Delhi, bonsai plants in Mumbai and many other places.

You will see the gifting ideas and home decor ideas are also changing. Bonsai plants are one such big change. The exquisite and exotic bonsai plants from different parts of the world have been brought to you. It will give you a chance to participate in the growth of natural beauty. Buy a bonsai plant, surround yourself with positivity and spread happiness.

It has always been a myth that plants are meant for gardens and courtyards. There are many people who live in apartments, complexes or work in offices desire to have a personal garden. If you are one of them, then there are various bonsai tree for sale on different websites just for you.

Wherever you stay, you can keep these bonsai plants anywhere you want to. You can keep them in your garden, courtyard, balcony, personal room or your office cubicle. They will take up a very small space but will not stop being eye-catching. Bonsai plants create a small garden in the place you keep it.

They are angels who make your home look exotic and elevate your soul. It does multitasking in various ways like acting as a stress buster, purifying the air of your house, bringing good luck and prosperity and becoming your visual treat.

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