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Growing Bonsai is an art, and Carmona Bonsai Plant is a piece of art. Buy Carmona Flowering Bonsai plant aka Fukien Tea Tree online from Abana Homes, and let us be a part of your new collection. Sturdy and easy to maintain, these dwarf S-shaped trees possess air-purifying qualities and are one of the very few Bonsai plants categories that bloom flowers.

Why should you buy a Carmona Bonsai Plant?

There are several reasons to buy a Carmona. Read on to find some of the amazing benefits of this fascinating Bonsai.

  1. Best for home decor and gifts

This S-shaped Bonsai plant has small dark-green leaves that are round and shiny that increase the fashion sense of your home or office. As it is a semi-indoor plant, it can be placed anywhere be it your living room, bedroom, office, kitchen, or garden. It is one of the most selling and popular Bonsai plants for corporate giftings and is highly demanded in offices

2. Easy to grow and maintain

It is quite self-sufficient and can grow on its own. You just need to water it once when the soil is dry and prune it once or twice a year.

3. A flowering Bonsai

Carmona Bonsai blooms cute white flowers in the summer season that look just captivating. It is one of the very few Bonsai plants that gives flowers.

4. Air-purifying

You may not know that while it spreads greenery and good vibes, it also purifies indoor air by treating air pollutants. It reduces the effect of toxins and VOCs like formaldehyde and toluene and lets you experience a healthy surrounding.

How to care for my Carmona Bonsai Plant?

It is very easy to care for. Below is the complete care guide you’ll need to grow your Bonsai to its full potential.

  • Placement: Like any traditional indoor plant, Carmona also needs a general amount of sunlight and humidity. Though it would love to be outside in the open air where the sun is not too direct, you can also keep it indoors. In this case, just make sure that it gets enough light and moisture.
  • Temperature: This plant grows well at a medium temperature of around 25-30 C. Too much or too low a temperature is a big NO.
  • Watering: Water your plant generously. You should make sure that you should neither overwater nor leave it completely dried out. Keep the soil moist and water once you feel it is dry.
  • Pruning: Pruning your Bonsai is easy and fun as well. Use the right tools and prune it once or twice a year or when you feel that it has stopped growing.

FAQs About Carmona Bonsai Plant

  1. What do yellow Bonsai leaves mean?

Under or overwater is the common cause that their leaves turn yellow. Check the soil of your plant daily if it is getting enough water and only water when the upper layer of the pot mixing has dried out.

  1. Why do my Carmona Bonsai leaves have brown/black spots?

This could be a fungal infection. Cut out those leaves and use some anti-fungal medicine to treat them.

  1. Why is the bark of Carmona Bonsai swollen?

Swollen barks mean that the plant has not been trimmed properly or it has not healed yet. It can be overwatering or any kind of infection too. If you notice any infection then immediately prune out the infected part.