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Carmona Bonsai

Carmona Bonsai Plant Care Guide

Carmona Bonsai Plant Overview

Carmona or Fukien Tea is an evergreen Bonsai tree named after the province Fukien, in Chinese Fuijan, where it originates. It has small dark-green shiny leaves that are covered with hairs and forms a very dense, compact habit. Carmona Bonsai works particularly well as a mini bonsai tree, but is also a great house plant. Delicate white blossom bloom almost year round and small dark green leaves are shiny with little white dots on the surfaces. The trunk has wonderful brownish red bark which contrasts beautifully with the dark green of its leaves.

Bonsai – an Art

Literally translated means Bonsai: tree in pot. Bon stands for plant and ‘sai’ can be translated as bowl or pot. Bonsai is grown in Asia and evokes the image of an old tree.

A bonsai tries to create a reduced image of an old tree or landscape in nature. Compare it to a painter or a sculptor, the one trying to paint an impression of catching a landscape, the other does this for example with a piece of wood, the whole is a living work of art.

Things to Care

● Carmona Bonsai Tree needs a lot of light to grow well. In the house Bonsai Plants should be positioned behind a window pane where it gets the best light, possibly with some in-direct sunlight.
● Keep the tree moist, as it doesn’t like droughts. But be careful not to water too often because it doesn’t like soil wetness either.
● Fertilize your Fukien Tea Bonsai every 2-3 weeks. Make sure it has been watered well before fertilizing to prevent burning the roots.
● Fukien Tea Bonsai’s root are very sensitive so it is advisable to use a solid organic fertilizer.
● While repotting use a proper drainage soil mixture.
● Foliage that takes on a general yellowish colour is usually a result of over-watering and/or a poor draining compost.
● Keep the leaves free from dust and inspect regularly for pests or fungus.
● To prevent aphids and spider mites, you should ensure that your bonsai is in a well-ventilated place.
● Regular trimming and pinching will make the tree to grow dense and miniature.
● Cut back new shoots to 2 to 3 leaves once they have developed 6 to 8 leaves.
● Repot your bonsai after a few years (we recommend around three years).
● This gives you the opportunity to prune the roots so that the root ball remains young and vital. Repotting is best in spring.

NOTE: As it is a live plant, therefore its health might deteriorate because of shipping. Hence you are advised to allow the plant to recover to its best of health within 1-2 weeks of the receipt. These are few points which will help you to take care of your plant.

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