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plants for front door entrance india

15 Best Plants for Front Door Entrance India | Auspicious plants for front door

Before visitors even step inside your home, make sure your doorway is framed with good fortunate plants for front door. 

In our home, we are often so focused on our bedrooms, living rooms, and balconies that we neglect the front door entrance. Adding plants to your front door entrance in India makes your home more inviting and reflects your style.

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Additionally, Feng Shui believes placing good luck plants for front door will draw positive energy to your home. Usually, plants with soft, rounded, heart-shaped, or broad leaves are best for the front door in feng shui. 

Feng shui plants for your front door entrance in India include money trees, ferns, geraniums, and chrysanthemums. However, it is also possible to create the perfect entranceway with trailing English ivy, modern cacti, and big fiddle leaf figs. 

To Learn how to decorate your front door with auspicious plants, here are 15 beautiful plants for the front door entrance in India.

So, let’s dazzle your guests with a beautiful entrance.

Best Plants for Front Door Entrance to make a good first impression

Best Plants for Front Door Entrance to make a good first impression

The list includes plants for every space, from the large room to the small space in front of the door. Also, if you are seeking auspicious plants for your front door entrance, then you have come to the right place. 

As well, these easy-to-care and stunning plants can beautify your entrance to make a great first impression. So, come on, let’s amaze your visitors with good fortune plants for the front door.

1. Schefflera


This good luck plant will protect your home, deflect negativity, and bring wealth and positivity. With plenty of water and bright indirect light, Schefflera is happy.

2. Fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle leaf fig

Your large spaces will be enhanced by the fiddle leaf fig’s large, impressive leaves on upright trunks. Due to their height, they make a bold statement on your front door. The best light for figs is bright, filtered light.

3. Areca Palm

Areca Palms

The areca palm is the best choice if your front door entrance is larger. You can add a lot of energy and life to your entrance with the beauty of areca palms. You can also use it to liven up your stagnant entrance corner.

4. Money plant

Money Plant Bonsai

Money plants are auspicious plants for front door in feng shui. You can plant this good luck plant at the entrance of your house to attract more money. Adding a money tree with braids to the entrance of your front door will make it look more elegant.

5. Monstera


You can also fill the large space with monstera. Its big, dramatic leaves make it an excellent front door plant, as it grows up to 20m tall.

6. Rubber Plant


This rubber tree can grow up to 15m tall, making it an incredibly dramatic plant for your front door. They are also easy to care for, so they are a good choice for beginners. 

7. Jade plant


With the jade plant, you can decorate a front door with limited space. As per feng shui principles, jade plants attract positive energy and build wealth. It is also easy to maintain jade plants.

8. Pothos


Beautiful Pothos trailing stems will adorn your front door and entryway. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain. They also adapt well to different environments.

9. Basil

Also known as Tulsi, is a plant with religious significance in India. It’s one of those special plants that releases oxygen 24 hours a day. As a good luck plant, basil is believed to bring financial success if placed near the front door.

10. English ivy

English ivy

An English ivy plant makes a classy entrance. The plants can also climb almost any surface. You don’t have to worry about maintaining it, it’s simple. Your shady entrance will love it.

11. Boston Fern

Boston fern

Boston Ferns have a powerful effect on attracting good luck, prosperity, and fortune to the home. Place a Boston fern plant in front of your home whenever you feel unlucky in your professional life.

12. Lavender


Lavender plants make an attractive pathway. The plant smells pleasant as well. With the Lavender plant, your entrance will be filled with beauty, gray-green foliage, upright spikes, and a wonderful aroma.

13. Begonia

If you want to add some color to your entrance, Begonias are the perfect flowering plants for front door entrance in India. You will be delighted with a begonia blooming in pinks, reds, and whites. A colorful welcome awaits your guests if you plant them in an oversized pot.

14. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums’ round-shaped blossoms make them an excellent plants for the front door entrance in India. Feng shui calls it a good luck plant as it brings abundance, good fortune, and prosperity to its owner. 

15. Cactus


A cactus is one of the best plants for the front door entrance in India, as it makes a striking, minimalist statement. Their compact size also makes them ideal for front door entrances where space is limited.

If you want these plants to thrive in front door entrances in India, here is more information on them,

15 Best Plants for Front Door Entrance

1. Schefflera

Due to its umbrella-shaped leaves, Schefflera is commonly known as an umbrella plant. This would be a interesting plant for a front door entrance as it looks like too many fingers on a hand.

Feng shui also attributes the sheltering shape to protective powers. Your home will be protected, deflected from negativity, and filled with wealth and positivity with this good luck plant.

A Schefflera plant is a perfect choice for adorning the front door entrance, whether inside or outside. The auspicious placement of these plants will protect your home and attract prosperity. They prefer bright indirect light with plenty of water.

2. Fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle leaf figs are the perfect eye treat. They are sure to beautify the entrance to your front door with their big, impressive leaves on their upright trunks. 

They are perfect plants for front door entrance as they are so tall, making them a bold statement piece. 

Although they are not the easiest plant to grow, they are very rewarding to grow. A well-cared plant can grow nearly 6 feet tall, forming a stunning focal point. They are fast-growing plants that can be potted at any time of the year.

The best light for fiddle leaf figs is bright and filtered. A fiddle leaf isn’t recommended if your front door gets most of its light direct. The hotter afternoon sun can burn the leaves. If the light is low, fiddle leaf figs will not grow rapidly, so choose a space with good, filtered light.

3. Areca Palm

Areca Palm

If your front door entrance has a larger place, then areca palm is your best bet. The beauty of the areca palm can bring a lot of life and energy to your entrance. Besides, it is a perfect plant for front door entrance in India to rejuvenate the stagnant corner.

The feathery, arching leaves of the areca palm filter and purify the air as well. There are as many as 100 leaflets per frond, making these big, bold palm trees a real eye-catcher. 

You can display attractive areca fronds in your entranceway or front door to impress your guests.  However, make sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight.

4. Money tree

Money tree

According to feng shui, money plants are good luck plants for front door entrance. To attract money, plant this good luck plant outside the doorway.

As well as bringing prosperity to your life, it also purifies the air. Furthermore, it is a pet-friendly plant. 

A money tree decorated with braids will add a touch of elegance to your front door entrance. To get the best results, place a money tree in the southeast corner of your entryway.

5. Monstera


Just like the areca palm, monstera is another best choice to fill a large space. Monstera plants can grow up to 20m in height, and their big, dramatic leaves make them ideal plants for front door entrance in India.

If you grow them right, their heart-shaped leaves look gorgeous and they are quick to grow. Monstera is vining plants, so you will need to give them support to climb. Moss poles, like those found at garden centers, are perfect for supporting aerial roots.

For monstera, a bright, indirect light place protected from harsh direct sunlight is ideal.

6. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

As a rubber tree can grow up to 15m tall, it makes an incredibly dramatic plant for the front door entrance. Moreover, they are easy to maintain, making them an excellent choice for beginners.

In terms of care, rubber plant need proper light and water. A rubber tree needs bright light but can be grown in indirect light that isn’t too hot. Therefore, for rubber trees, a front door entrance with indirect light is an ideal place.

7. Jade plant

Jade plant

It’s the perfect way to decorate a front door with limited space with the jade plant. A jade plant’s coin-shaped leaves attract positive energy and increase wealth according to feng shui. Additionally, jade plants are easy to care for and long-lasting.

With fleshy, oval leaves and thick, woody stems, jade plants look like little tree trunks. For these fleshy oval leaves to develop, jade plants need full sun. Due to this, it is the perfect plant for a sunny door entrance.

8. Pothos 


As pothos is very forgiving, it is a great choice if you are a beginner. They are a beautiful plant to cascade down from hanging planters thanks to their trailing stems.

Your front door and entryway will look lovely with the beautiful trailing stems. Additionally, they are easy to maintain. They are comfortable in a variety of environments. In terms of light, they prefer bright, indirect light, but they can also grow in low light.

However, pothos plants are poisonous. When eaten, they cause nausea and irritation. If your front door is easily accessible by children or pets, pothos might not be the right choice.

9. Basil


In India, Tulsi is also well known as a culinary herb and is considered a sacred plant. This is one of those special plants that release oxygen at all times of the day and night. 

Several therapeutic and medicinal properties of the plant aid in the treatment of coughs, colds, and flu-like conditions.

When placed near the front door entrance, basil is believed to be one of the good fortune plants since it is associated with financial success.

10. English ivy

English ivy

English ivy is one of the classiest plants for front door entrance in India. As a climber, they are also capable of clinging to almost any surface. Also, you don’t have to worry much about its maintenance, it’s easy.

At first, vines may not grow much, but they will eventually grow up to 15m long. It takes English ivy about a year to grow after planting. 

It usually takes about two years for them to begin covering trellises, poles, pillars, columns, walls, fences, etc. English ivy loves a shady spot near your entrance.

11. Boston Fern

Boston Fern

Usually, ferns are considered useless plants, but in the case of the Boston fern plant, this is not the case. When placed in front of the house, Boston Ferns attract good luck, prosperity, and fortune. 

Whenever you are feeling unlucky in any part of your professional life, place a Boston fern plant in front of your home.

In most cases, Boston ferns are hung because their arching fronds make them look beautiful. Their favorite type of lighting is indirect, bright light. It’s possible for your Boston fern to look dull if it’s exposed to too much shade.

12. Lavender


You can create a pretty pathway with lavender plants. The plant is also known for its fragrant smell. It will add beauty, gray-green foliage, upright spikes, as well as a wonderful aroma to your entrance.

The lavender plant is tolerant of a variety of growing conditions. However, they thrive in the sunniest spot. It’s a great choice if you have a lot of sunlight coming through your doorway.

This is one of the easiest plants to grow, and they thrive when neglected. So, if you are forgetful about watering, lavender could be the plant for you.

13. Begonia


The Begonia is the perfect flowering plants for front door entrance if you want to add some bright color. You will love the colorful blooms of begonia in pink, red, and white.

Also, it is an adaptable plant that can tolerate partial shade as well as partial sun. Nevertheless, keep it away from direct sunlight.

For best results, you can plant them in an oversized pot and they will give your front door a colorful welcome.

14. Chrysanthemums


The round-shaped blossoms of Chrysanthemums make them an excellent plants for the front door indoor entrance. In feng shui, it is also known as a lucky plant as it brings abundance, good luck, and prosperity to the plant owner’s life. 

Additionally, these plants come in a huge variety of colors and sizes, giving you plenty of choices. However, to promote beautiful bloom provide this lucky plant with even moisture with regular fertilization.

It would be best if you place them on either side of your front door entrance. Also, you can choose a color that is considered auspicious for the cardinal direction your door faces.

15. Cactus


If you want your front door entrance to have a striking, minimalist look, a cactus is a great choice. Also, they work well for those with limited space for larger, bushier plants at their front door entrance.

Additionally, you get a wide range of styles, sizes, and shapes to suit your home. When placed in an entryway, the tall pair of cacti look incredible.

Usually, cacti are associated with desert plants, but they are capable of growing in a variety of conditions. All you need to do is provide adequate lighting and fresh air to your cacti. 

Cacti can also be grouped together in different sizes. Moreover, you can plant a large one at the entrance of your front door to create a striking look.


Q1. Which plant is good for home entrance feng shui?

Ans. A money tree, an areca palm, a citrus tree, and a fern are the best plants to have alongside your front door entrance in feng shui.

Q2. Which plant is the luckiest for home?

Ans. Jade plants, Holy Basil or tulsi, Citrus trees, and Money trees are among the luckiest plants to keep at home.

Q3. What is a good plant for an entryway?

Ans. A fiddle leaf fig, a string of pearls, and Monstera are good plants to enhance your entryway.

Q4. What plant can survive without sunlight but is easy to care for?

Ans. Pothos, also known as Devil’s ivy, is an easy-to-grow plant that purifies the air of carbon monoxide and does not need direct sunlight to grow.


For a great first impression, these are the best plants for the front door entrance in India. Additionally, some of these plants are referred to as good fortune plants for doorway, such as the money tree, the Boston fern, the basil, and the jade plant. When placed at the doorway, good fortune plants are known to bring wealth, prosperity, luck, and abundance.

Areca palms, monster trees, and fiddle leaf figs make great choices for the larger area at the entrance. Alternatively, if you have limited space, you can choose a jade plant, a cactus, or a pothos. 

If space is an issue, you can also grow trailing or hanging plants. A monstera plant, an English ivy plant, and a pothos plant are excellent trailing plants for front door entrance.

A pothos is also a great choice if your front door receives little light. While lavender and jade plants are good choices for entryways that receive full sun. Along with beauty, lavender will give your doorway a wonderful fragrance. 

Among flowering plants, begonia, lavender, or chrysanthemums are best. There’s no doubt that your guests will ask you about these easy-to-care and beautiful plants. 

So, what are you waiting for? Dazzle your guest with beautiful entrance today! Also, dont forget to forward this article to your loved one so that they can beautify their home entrance.

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