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Bonsai plants under Rs 1000
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Buy beautiful Bonsai Plants and Trees at surprisingly affordable prices at Abana Homes. Grab the opportunity and browse from our great collection of uniquely and professionally trained Bonsai plants that you can either have to decorate your home or present to your loved ones. Beloved among the gardeners, these plants are super easy to maintain and won’t cost an expensive deal. 

What is the best location for your Bonsai Plant?  

As soon as you think of buying a Bonsai, what comes into your mind? Yes! Where should you place it? Or which one is the best, particularly indoors or outdoors?  

Determining where to locate your Bonsai Plant can be a little difficult, as you need to consider some factors such as the climate, time of year, etc. But the most important thing is what species of plant you have brought and if it’s an outdoor plant or indoor plant. 

Bonsais come both as indoor and outdoor plants and trees. Read on to our some of the recommendations to find out which suits your premises best and take a moment to get it at a much cheaper rate. 

Outdoor Bonsai Plants & Trees

Bonsai plants are modified versions of trees that naturally thrive in the open air. Thus, keeping them outside is good for their growth. However, not all plants liked to be outside. Ficus Bonsai, Chinese Elm, Jade plant, Serissa Mame Bonsai plant are some of the best plants that you can grow outdoors. You can keep them in your shaded or open backyard, terrace, or balcony where they’ll get adequate air and sunlight.

Indoor Bonsai Plants & Trees

Bonsai plants also do quite well indoors. Windows, windowsills, balconies, or a table close to the window are the best spots for growing bonsai trees inside the home. Just make sure that the plants get enough sunlight and airflow, and they will happily keep radiating their greenery and positivity around you. Carmona, Grafted Ficus, and Pachira Money Bonsai Tree are the most suitable options for indoor plants.

How to care for your Bonsai Plants and Trees?

Caring for these cute dwarfs is easy. Just follow the points mentioned below and it will help you in your Bonsai task.  

  • Light: Outdoor Bonsai trees love to be in bright light, while indoor Bonsai plants too, need to get the right amount of sunlight at least for a few hours a day for which you can place it beside a window or balcony.
  • Humidity:  Humidity is important for both indoor and outdoor plants. Mist the plant when it gets dry and place it in a humid area.
  • Watering: Check if the top half of the soil has dried out, and then water it generously. Do not over or underwater your plant and keep the soil moist most of the time.
  • Fertilizing: Fertilize once a month with any organic fertilizer or ordinary compost. Fertilize in the growing season only and avoid feeding in winters. 
  • Pruning: Bonsais demand to be pruned regularly. It helps them to be in their size and grow at the same time. If any part of the plant has caught any kind of infection or disease then pruning and repotting becomes necessary for the plant. 

What are the common problems while growing Bonsai Plants & Trees?

  • Why are the leaves of the Bonsai Plant yellowing?

Overwatering is the main cause of yellow or wilting leaves. Water only when the soil’s upper layer is dried out and make a regular pattern of watering.

  • Why is the bark of my bonsai plant swollen?

If the plant has not healed after trimming then that makes the barks swollen.

  • Why are there black/brown spots on the leaves?

It could be a fungal infection or over-fertilization. Fertilize it once a month and change the pot immediately.