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Carmona Bonsai Plant in Ceramic Pot – 9 Yrs Old
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Carmona Bonsai Plant in Ceramic Pot – 9 Yrs Old


  • Perfect Gifting cum Decor option for Living Room or Office Desk
  • Flowering Bonsai Plant – White flowers in summer
  • Low Maintenance Plant – Just water the plant.
  • Beautiful S Shape Design – Plant is trained by experts
  • Study Cermaic Pot – Most suitable for Bonsai Plants. Pot may vary as per availability 


Carmona Bonsai Plants

About Carmona Bonsai Plants

Carmona Bonsai Plants are often called oriental tea bonsai. The leaves are grassy green, shiny and it looks beautiful in the white ceramic pot or the clay pot. Carmona Bonsai Plants are more sturdy in nature and they require less maintenance. So you don’t need to worry much about it. Being a semi-indoor plant, you can safely keep it indoors as well as outdoors.

Is it a flowering bonsai plants?

Yes, Carmona is one of the few bonsai plants in its category that blooms flower. You can observe carmona bonsai plant with white flowers during summer season. While you should not look for the flowers in bonsai plants as they are mostly known for their shapes, this carmona bonsai plant has it’s own additional benefit of flowering.

Carmona Bonsai Care Instructions

Carmona Bonsai is easy to keep and grow. It requires very low maintenance. You just need to water it twice a week a the most and it will keep growing as normal plant. For detailed instruction on how to care a bonsai tree?

Why should you buy Carmona Bonsai Plant?

  • The Most Beautiful Lush Green Carmona Bonsai Plant

Ever thought of decorating you living room with the green plant that is easy to maintain and care for? Carmona Bonsai Plant makes the wonderful indoor bonsai plant that last longer and leaves a long lasting impression to you and your family. The leaves are so lush green as if they’re greeting you everyday when you see them in morning. Carmona Bonsai Plants are one of the most popular and highly decorative piece for your living room. This is the most beautiful S Shaped Carmona Bonsai Plant that will increase decor and fashion sense of your Home /Office. It has lush green leaves and often called Fukien Tea Plant. It’s the best Bonsai for Indian Tropical Climate.

  • Perfect Option for Home Decor/Office/Corporate Gifting

This most selling Bonsai Plant is best of Home Decor as it can be placed inside the home, terrace or kitchen garden or outdoor garden. Similarly, since it requires less maintenance, you can use it in office anywhere from inside to lobby to reception. This is mostly sold as Corporate Gift in bulk by large to small corporations to show gratitude towards their employees, clients or even to lure bosses.

  • Easy to Grow and Low Maintenance Bonsai Plant

It’s very easy to care. All you need to water the carmona plant when the soil feels dry. You may prune it once or twice a year if you feel the need else it is self-sufficient to grow. Along with that you dont need to be worried about the fertilizers. Ours team at Bonsai Plants Online?makes the soil self sufficient for next 6 months. After that you can use the recommended fertilizers if you want.

  • Beautiful & Elegant S Shape Carmona Bonsai

The most beautiful part is S Shape. Our team of experts have invested significant amount of time in training the bonsai plants from a pre-bonsai stage. Our bonsai experts at various centres in North-East, South India prepare these bonsai plants from imported pre-bonsai plants. We have trained this to grow in S Shape which looks eventually beautiful. You don’t have to do much about it going further unless you want to give it the shape of the first letter of your name. 🙂

  • Flowering Bonsai Plant

Carmona Bonsai Plant is one of the few bonsai plants of this category that blooms during summer. Though the flower is small but cute and appear like sprinkle.

  • Beautiful Ceramic Pot Design

This Carmona Plant comes in beautiful Ceramic pot which is very sturdy , long lasting and ideal for the carmona plant. The high quality pot is manufactured of the Ceramic to make it lighter, brighter and very sturdy.

Now you have enough reasons to buy the carmona bonsai plant.

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Plant Age

9 Years

Plant Size

30 cm


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