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Glorious Carmona Bonsai Live Plant 9 Yrs
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Glorious Carmona Bonsai Live Plant 9 Yrs


  • Beautiful Indoor Plant – The best imported indoor bonsai tree, best suited for your living room or office desk. You’ll love it S Shape curves and appreciate it.
  • Flowering Bonsai Tree – Carmona Bonsai Plant belongs to fukien tea bonsai tree family and is only flowering bonsai tree in its segment. It blooms cute white flowers during summer.
  • Air Purifying Bonsai Tree – While you keep this bonsai tree indoor, it purifies the polluated air by treating tuluene and formaldehyde like toxic chemical and make air breathable.
  • Auspicious Plant – Brings good luck, prosperity and charm to the home. Very strong & auspicious feng-shui plant.


Carmona Bonsai Plant 9 Years OldĀ 

Carmona Bonsai Plant belongs to Fukien tea species and mainly found is China. Also some parts of Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan and Japan. Primarily, Carmona Bonsai Plant is an indoor plant that looks really beautiful in the living room or the office desk / reception.

Carmona Bonsai Plant – An Exotic Indoor Plant

Carmona Bonsai Plant is one of the most popular and maintenance free indoor bonsai plant. You can keep it indoors at any place where it can get some fresh air and the light (natural or artificial – not the direct sun light). For example, you can keep this bonsai tree in the living room or the desk if you like. You should avoid the direct AC vent as well as this plant is good enough between 20 degree to 30 degree centigrade.

Carmona Bonsai Plant is Great for Gifting

Carmona Bonsai Plant makes one of the most beautiful gifting plant for you. You can place the order, we wrap it like a gift and deliver to your loved one’s with your handwritten message on a card. The purpose of gifting is to be remembered and this small bonsai plant fulfills that purpose without any doubt. Being placed in the living room, It reminds of you whenever your loved one’s look at this beautiful bonsai tree.

Carmona Bonsai Plant is maintenance free.

Surprisingly unlike other bonsai trees, this bonsai tree is maintenance free and does not need much of your attention and time. Speaking of which, lets talk about the care. You can find the detailed caring instruction for Carmona Bonsai Plant here.

Care Instruction

? Watering – Like every other indoor plants, Carmona bonsai tree also does not need much water. Thumb rule for watering – Water the plant twice a week in winters and thrice a week in Summers when you feel the soil to be dry. You’ll get detailed caring instructions about the plant from us.

?Location -Carmona is a beautiful indoor plant. You can keep it in the living room or the office desk. However you must make sure that it gets the bright light in the room. Keeping in dark place may disturb the bonsai plant.

?Sunlight -Though Carmona Bonsai Plant does not need sunlight, you can keep it sometime in the balcony (once in two weeks) to get some fresh air. That makes the bonsai plant greener and looks shiny.

Support & Care for Bonsai Tree

Abana Homes is on a mission to enable people to plant trees around themselves and make this world a better place to live. Our gardening experts will help you with every question regarding the plants and you’ll have our life long support till the time we exist. You can reach our customer service team anytime.

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40 cm