Good Luck Jade Plant in Beautiful Black Pot
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Good Luck Jade Plant in Beautiful Black Pot

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  • Best-in-Class Air Purifier Plants, Treats harmful gasses like Toluene in the air and makes it breathable.
  • Beautiful Indoor Plant with Pot, For Desk or anywhere in the room.
  • Low or No Maintenance Plant, Watering ocassionally is enough.
  • Feng Shui Plant – Considered to bring luck.
  • Awesome Gift Plant – Perfect gift for all ocassions like mothers day, baby shower, or any ocassion you can think of.
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  • Yes, of course. Here is the process for that. While placing the order, you can mention in the notes that you would like to see the plant before shipping. Our team will send you the picture on WhatsApp. Upon confirmation, the plant will be shipped. Note: that this process two more days than normal to ship.

6 reviews for Good Luck Jade Plant in Beautiful Black Pot

  1. suruchi sharma

    I am really happy twith the plant

  2. Avignyan Mukherjee

    The plant is beautiful but not looking very healthy. Iy is still a good decorative piece on my writing table. It is very delicate and sensitive to direct sinlight. I bought many more from my nursery. All of them are healthier and more robust. This plant is beautiful indoors. Requires occasional exposure.

  3. Harshitha Nair

    I have this plant for over an year and am very happy with it. Its growing healthy and has become beautiful. Would definitely recommend it for someone who like Indoor plants.

  4. rishika

    This is such a wonderful plant.. I ordered it 4 pieces and Its really good.

  5. eshant soni

    Bought this plant last week and it’s really nice now.. 🙂

  6. Kunal

    Plant was delivered in an excellently wrapped package; also the plant was healthy and good. The ceramic pot too was in excellent condition.

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Good Luck Jade Plant – 5 Reasons to Buy

  1. Good luck jade plant is an awesome indoor plant for living room and a great air purifier too. It purifies the harmful toxic chemicals in air and makes the air breathable.
  2. In a beautiful rounded stylish cup shape pot, this plants fits well anywhere inside the house. You can keep it anywhere you want.
  3. Jade plant is considered to be a very auspicious. It is a very good plant as per feng shui.
  4. Good Luck Jade Plant with Beautiful Ceramic Pot makes it a wonderful choice for gifting. You can send the gift to your loved ones at such a small price. J Nothing can beat this.
  5. Good Luck Jade Plant is very easy to maintain. All  you need to take care of the watering and the plant will grow well in any condition.

Detailed Descriptions

These beautiful plants bring fortune, health, wealth, abundance and prosperity to your home or office. Money Plant/Pothos. Money plants are easy to maintain air purifiers. Place them in the southeast of your home. Scientists recommend keeping one plant near each computer, television, or WiFi router to absorb radiations. Placing a money plant in front of a sharp corner or angle reduces anxiety and stress. Give the Money Plant/Pothos bright, indirect sunlight. Too much sunlight can burn the foliage and increase variegation. When the soil looks dry at the top its time to water the plant. Syngonium podophyllum/ Goosefoot leaves represents the five Feng Shui elements; water, fire, earth, wood and metal. Thus it perfectly balances Yin and yang energy and encourages positive chi or energy. It also cleanses the air. Light: Bright light, but no direct sun. Can tolerate low light, but the leaves may lose their variegation. Turn pot regularly for even growth. Water: Keep the potting mix moist in summer, allowing the surface to dry out before watering again. Water less often in winter, letting the top half of the potting mix, dry out. Jade or Money Tree when placed in southeast of home/office, or at main entrance it attracts energized monetary luck. Light: The important aspect of the care and maintenance of jade plants is how much sun they receive. They need to be placed at least once in a week in full sun for healthy growth. Although Jade plants prefer full sun, but they will tolerate light shade and the dappled light too to grow well. Water: Water your jade plant when the top of soil is just dry to the touch. Be careful not to over water.

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