Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

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  • Package Includes: Real Live Maple Tree Bonsai Plant, Ceramic Pot, & Care Instruction
  • Main Attraction: Red Maple Leaves, Designed to Grow in Indian Climate. Developed and Trained in our Greater Noida & Pune facility.
  • Species: Acer palmatum, Age: About 2-3 Years
  • Care & Maintenance: Watering Daily, Fertilizer Once a month. Change soil once a year. This plant need cool and humid temprature around.

*Leaves color vary as per season change. 

* Figurine shown not included 

** Maple is sold out for the year. You can join the wait list below and you’ll be notified once it is available. We will start the pre-booking of next stock by October.

(14 customer reviews)
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  • Yes, of course. Here is the process for that. While placing the order, you can mention in the notes that you would like to see the plant before shipping. Our team will send you the picture on WhatsApp. Upon confirmation, the plant will be shipped. Note: that this process two more days than normal to ship.

14 reviews for Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

  1. Anuj Thapa

    I could not have asked for more. The quality of the item and the packaging is very good. Happy with the product.

    Just one question, when do I repot since I want it to grow full length and not keep it as bonsaijapanese maple bonsai tree


    Leaves are red.. . Nice service.. TY

  3. sanjdurga

    I had ordered last year and recieved in good condition. But did not recieve care instructions, so please add my number so I get them on whatsapp.

  4. Max

    Plzzzzz give me

  5. Pankaj

    Japanese Maple
    Awesome experience! Great Plant delivered.. Very healthy. All the leaves are intact. Looking forward to make it a nice addition to the garden. and thank you Neha for explaining the different aspects of a Japanese Maple tree..

  6. BHUPAT MAKATI (verified owner)

    Get plant today 12/12/21 in good packing and conditions with small leaves, guide for use of fertilizer buy with plant and how to take care after 15 days once it setelled as per instruction received with it.

  7. Debanjan Das (verified owner)

    Nice plant

  8. mohd faizan (verified owner)

    awesome product delivered…i m lovin it

  9. Pooja Joshi

    Awesome Japanese Maple DeliveredFinally got my dream tree, the Japanese maple! However, due to transit, the leaves had wilted out! But the tree is alive! As per the seller’s advice, i placed the tree in full sun and now new buds started coming out! Although there arent any leaves yet, I feel great to own a Japanese Maple which I could not find anywhere else. I had also tried to grow this tree from seed, but none of the seeds sprouted! So its best to buy this tree!My update after a month: New red leaves coming out and the tree is recovering from the troubles it faced during transit. If you feel that you got dead tree then you are wrong! Just wait for sometime and the tree will produce leaves!

  10. Naresh Goyal

    maple customer picsThank you so much guys for the amazing Japanese Maple Bonsai.. I had been looking for it for sometime and finally you sent me this joy. Loved it.

  11. Vidya

    Maple Japanese redMy maple is turning red now. Good going

  12. Navrooj

    Brought two and planning for a clump style bonsai….. New buds already visible… About to sprout to lush…. No complaints… During transit some leaves have been shed.. But it will recover soon… An exotic purchase…fully contended.. japanese red maple

  13. JJ

    maple bonsai treeReceived in good condition with all the leaves still intact. Japanese maple in Sub-Tropical area is quite a rarity. Thank you Abana Homes for this great specimen and timely delivery, looking forward to buy more products from Abana Homes

  14. Taih

    I already have their Carmona (Fukien tea tree bonsai) from them for few years now. Which blooms every single day beautifully. Received another well packaged Maple bonsai now. Came in good condition. Refer images.
    Can’t wait to take care of this beautiful bonsai, nurture it well and see it grow. Thanks Abana homes.
    maple bonsai tree

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What’s Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree?

Maple tree in India needs no introduction. Everyone who are into houseplants and gardening love it more than any other bonsai. With bright red leaves, Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree makes a great home décor plant in India. Maple Bonsai Trees are originally found in Japan, China, and Korea. This maple bonsai tree is imported and grown in India before shipping to the customers.

Is this bonsai tree right for you?

If you’ve come to this page, I hope that you know how beautiful is the Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree is. The greenish red leaves transform your garden such a way that everyone notices it.

The biggest compliment our customers get by having this bonsai is that – this is a rare bonsai tree in India, where did you get this?

So you have come to the right place.

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Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. If you can water the plant on daily basis – which you can, fertilise the plant on monthly basis – which you can definitely can = Yes this plant is for you.

It’s does not ask you for anything else.

How does the red maple tree in India look?

It’s beautiful. This red maple tree in India hand-shaped red leaves with in most cases five pointed lobes makes it look unique and beautiful as a household plant. The bark of younger trees is normally green or reddish and turns light grey or greyish brown with age. Colour of the leaves changes during extreme summers. It will turn green in summer and red in winter.

Basic Care Instruction for Maple Plant in India

The Maple Plant in India loves a sunny, airy position during winters. As maple bonsai tree comes from the origins of extreme cold, it feels the heat during midday in summers.

  • Sunlight: Choose a humid place. It may be your garden, balcony garden or any outdoor location. But make sure that it gets the sunlight during the winters in India and move it into the shades during summers in India.
  • Watering: In winters, you can water the maple bonsai tree every day or every alternate day but in summers, you must water it every day.
  • Fertilizing: Vermicompost, Slow Release Bonsai food or mild chemical fertilizer act pretty well to manage the growth of the plant. You should avoid the hard-fertilizers.
  • Pruning: Usually the Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree won’t need much pruning. However, the stronger branches should be pruned in Summer and Autumn.
  • Repotting: Japanese Maple Bonsai tree should be re-potted once every two years. The root system grows faster. Hence, you must change the pot after two years for good growth of the maple tree in India. Also, trimming of roots helps in ensuring the good growth of the maple bonsai.
  • Propagation: The Japanese maple bonsai can easily be propagated by planting seeds, cuttings, or air layering in the summer.

How to take care of the Maple Plant in India during summers?

During summers, it should be placed in the light shade to prevent damaged leaves. The best practice during summers is to keep in the partial shade and water it constantly – everyday – to ensure proper humidity in the plant. During summers, the leaves may turn slightly greenish, but that not a concern for the Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree.

Where can I buy Maple Tree In India?

You can buy maple tree online in India at

There are two types of Japanese maple bonsai tree for sale in India. One comes in the ceramic pot and the other comes with the plastic pot. Usually, the gardening enthusiasts prefer the ceramic pot bonsai as it gives a beautiful look to their garden.

Finding a good Japanese maple tree for sale in India can be difficult task because not every other gardening nurseries can import it. So you can considering to buy maple tree online in India. It gets delivered in 2-5 days depending on your city.

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Abana Homes

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Maple Bonsai

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