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plants as return gifts

15 Best Plants as Return Gifts | Indoor Plants for Return Gift

Just by being with you, someone has made a huge difference in your life. Whether it’s your mother, father, friends, life partner, or child, it could be anyone.  Well, when you feel cared for by someone, how do you express it? As a return gift, how do you give them back? The best way to […]

plants for stress relief

15 Best Plants For Stress Relief | Stress relieving Indoor Plants

While gardening doesn’t appeal to everyone, being around plants has a significant stress-relieving effect. The beauty of plants never fails to make our anxieties fade away, whether we are on vacation or just taking a stroll around town.   The benefits of plants for stress relief are numerous. Jasmine, lavender, and chamomile are some of the […]

window plants

15 Window Plant to Grow on Your Room Windowsill

Indoor plants come with a lot of benefits, they can purify the air, reduce stress and add a touch of nature to any place. The window plant has the added advantage of receiving natural light, which is essential for its growth and survival. In India, with its tropical climate, there is a wide variety of […]

plants for balcony

Top 15 Plants for Balcony Garden You Must Have [Updated 2023]

Planning to start your balcony gardening but worried about the good plants for balcony? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.  When I started decorating my first balcony with plants, I was stuck with only three plants like Tulsi, Rose, and Money Plant. Then I expanded the list and I’ve now more than 30 plants on my […]

kitchen plants

15 Best Kitchen Plants | Best Kitchen Plants as per Vastu

The desire to have fresh produce at your fingertips, especially herbs, is a dream of every home chef. Is it your dream too? If yes, then this article is going to fulfil your dream by introducing you to 15 kitchen plants you will love.  Often, the kitchen is overlooked when it comes to adding greenery. […]

low light indoor hanging plants

15 Best Low Light Indoor Hanging Plants

Do you enjoy gardening but have limited space? If so, you should consider low light indoor hanging plants. They take up little space and lighting isn’t an issue. Also, it goes without saying that hanging baskets look great. Often, hanging basket plants don’t receive enough natural light up high or have insufficient light levels. Hence, […]

indoor plants for drawing room

15 Best Indoor Plants for Drawing Room

Have you been thinking about transforming your drawing room? What if you transformed your drawing room with an indoor plant? Indoor plants for the drawing rooms are a great option to cover your empty drawing room space. A drawing room with indoor plants has a positive effect on mental and physical health. Additionally, NASA research […]

orchid plant indoor

15 Best Orchid Plant Indoor |Easy to Grow Indoor Orchid Plants

You cannot grow an orchid plant indoor! Apparently, this is a common myth. There are  a lot of orchid indoor plants that you can easily grow.  I’m going to show you over 15 best orchid indoor plants today, so grab your planters and potting medium. This orchid indoor plant is easy to grow, smells great, […]

cheap indoor plants

15 Best Cheap Indoor Plants in India to buy online – Abana Homes

Does your love for indoor plants begin to drain your wallet? Well, not anymore! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on indoor plants. Because in this article, I am going to tell you the best cheap indoor plants. As long as you take good care of them, these cheap and best indoor […]

indoor plants on stairs

15 Indoor Plants on Stairs | Best Indoor Plants for Stairs

Is your staircase empty? Why not put some indoor plants on the stairs and transform the look of your stairway? In addition to beautifying your vacant stairs, indoor staircase plants also provide health benefits. Your home will feel fresh and colourful when you have the best indoor staircase plant. Also, no matter whether you want […]

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