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How To Get More Flowers In A Mogra Plant

How To Get More Flowers In A Mogra Plant?

Are you crazy about mogra flowers just like me? Do you want to know how to get more flowers in a mogra plant that you have in your garden? Keep reading till the end to make your Arabian jasmine overflowing with flowers! In this article, I will discuss all you need to know about mogra […]

Indoor Plant Dying

Indoor Plant Dying: 16 Reasons And How to Save

Another dead plant? It is exhausting and hurtful at the same time when we witness our indoor plant dying. Nobody is born with a green thumb. Nevertheless, it aches to see our green babies wilt, wither, or even worse, pass away.  If you are also going through the same, then fear not. We will help […]

how to water indoor plants

How to water Indoor Plants: A Step-by-Step Guide

Indoor plants are one of the most multi-purpose projects of any house. From being amazing ornamental plants to purifying the air and maintaining the climate of the house, they can do it all.  But knowing that plants do so much for us raises a sense of responsibility that we should be careful when taking care […]

how to repot a indoor plant

When & How to Repot a Indoor Plant: A Complete Beginners Guide

I know you must be thinking like why do I need to repot my indoor plant? Does repotting an indoor plant lead to death?  Don’t worry, you are not the only one because most of us usually have that kind of thinking that “repotting leads to death of the plant.” But that’s not the case. […]

indoor plant leaves turning yellow

Indoor plant leaves turning yellow: Why and How to Save

I can see how frustrating it can be when you work so hard to maintain something and it doesn’t turn out right! If your previously lush and leafy green indoor plant starts to turn yellow, you might worry it’s the end of the world. Relax; it’s not the end of the world! It’s natural for […]

Fertilizer for Indoor Plants

Fertilizer for Indoor Plants: How and When to Fertilize Houseplants

Being a houseplant parent can be challenging! Knowing when to fertilize your indoor plant is a bit tricky. Knowing when to feed houseplants is difficult, even if you are an experienced grower.  A houseplant does not cry when it is hungry or uncomfortable, as human babies do. Instead, they react to their environment in much more […]

How to Protect Indoor Plants in Summer

How to Take Care of Indoor Plants in Summer

Are you taking extra care of your indoor plants in summer? Well, you should.  In summer, your indoor plants need a little extra care and attention. Of course, they also get hot and thirsty at other times as well. No doubt indoor plants add beauty to your place in every season and don’t ask for […]

ceramic pot

How to Make a Ceramic Pot at Home

Do you know that you can easily make a ceramic pot at home? It’s surprisingly easy to make beautiful masterpieces no matter which technique you prefer! So, Let’s get our hands dirty and create a masterpiece out of ceramic. Equipment While making any pot, a lump of clay is the basic requirement. Besides that, there […]

Potting Soil

How to Make Potting Soil at Home in India

Many companies proclaim that their potting soil mixtures are the best. However, you know that most of them on the market compromise with the quality to increase their revenues. Making your own potting soil makes a lot of sense if you want to ensure the mix’s quality and want your plant to thrive. In this […]

Champa Flower Plant

Champa Flower Plant – How to Grow, Care & Benefits

Are you excited to grow one of the most fragranced flowers, the Champa flower? This flower is popular worldwide and has many benefits. This article will guide you on the growing and caring tips for the Champa flower. What is the Champa flower? Champa, also known as campaka in Sanskrit, is a big, evergreen tree […]

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