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Large Indoor Plants

30+ Best Large Indoor Plants

Small houseplants are cute, but large indoor plants are becoming increasingly popular. They’re not only a terrific way to bring life to your home, but big indoor plants are also an incredible way to make a statement with your decor. 

It just takes a few tall plants to transform your home into a tropical oasis, an indoor jungle, or even a beautiful palace.

Here we are listing the 30 best big indoor plants for home to elevate the look.

Best Big Indoor Plants

1. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

Botanical Name: Ficus elastica

Native Area: Asia

Common Name: Rubber plant, rubber tree

Size: 7-9 feet

Sun Exposure: Partial shade

Plant Type: Evergreen tree

If you are looking for the best large indoor plants that won’t give you much trouble, this is the plant for you. The shiny, leathery, big leaves of rubber plants are worth the attention. The leaves of these best big indoor plants are elliptic to oval in shape, 8 to 12 inches long, and come in a variety of dark green, deep red, yellow, cream, pink, or white hues.

Rubber plants prefer intense light but can also thrive in low-light environments. They thrive in the early morning light of an east window. They flourish in rooms that are warm to the average temperature. 

Water rubber plants generously between, but allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. It does a fantastic job with its vast, dark, and vibrant foliage by cleaning up indoor air with minimal care.

2. Sabre Fig

Scientific Name: Ficus binnendiijkii ‘Alii’

Common Name: Banana leaf fig

Size: 4-5 feet

‘Alii’ is a new cultivar that creates an attractive indoor tree. This fig’s leathery, strap-like leaves make it an excellent architectural tree for any indoor garden. 

These best large indoor plant leaves’ have a unique texture and form, making them a great complement to your other indoor plants or a stand-alone specimen. 

To an extent, the long, narrow leaves of these best big indoor plants are naturally shiny. As this ficus tree matures, it may lose its lower leaves, exposing a bare woody trunk and giving it a palm-like look. 

Growers braid the trunks of this plant to make it look like a topiary. In brilliant lightroom, it makes a bold statement.

3. Macho Ferns

  • Botanical Name: Mephrolepis biserrata
  • Native Area: North America
  • Common Name: Macho fern, broad sword fern
  • Mature Size: 3-4 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Partial, shade
  • Plant Type: Perennial

Grow a Macho fern if you want the best large indoor plants, a burly fern with thick leaves. What does a Macho fern look like? These hardy plants grow in a huge clump of fronds and thrive in moderate to full shade. 

This robust fern has vivid green fronds and bold, broad leaves, making it great for interior plants. 

The macho fern thrives in large urns or containers with enough space for its beautiful 3- to 4-foot-long fronds to flex. These best big indoor plants for home are perfect for front porches, patios, and other living areas that are shaded or partly shaded. 

Bring your macho fern indoors in the fall and place it somewhere out of direct sunlight to flourish as a houseplant.

4. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise
  • Common Name: Bird of paradise, crane flower, crane lily
  • Native Area: Africa (South Africa)
  • Botanical Name: Strelitzia reginae, Strelitzia nicolai
  • Family: Strelitziaceae
  • Size: 3-6 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Full to partial
  • Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial

Are you looking to add colors to your home? Birds of Paradise is one of the world’s most brilliant big indoor plants for home. Bird of Paradise gets its name from its stunning bloom shape, which mimics the beak and head plumage of a bird. 

These best large indoor plants resemble a vividly colorful bird in flight.

The plant’s Birds-of-Paradise flowers make it a particularly appealing landscape plant. The foliage of these best big large indoor plants for home looks like miniature banana leaves with long petioles. 

Birds of Paradise leaves are tightly arranged in two ranks to form a fan-like crown of evergreen foliage that is thick, waxy, and glossy green, making it a particularly appealing ornamental plant. It is very easy to cultivate as a tropical evergreen plant since it requires very little care and attention and requires very little upkeep.

5. Olive tree

  • Botanical Name: Olea europaea
  • Native Area: Europe
  • Common Name: Fruitless olive tree
  • Size: 6-8 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Full Sun
  • Plant Type: Tree

Olive trees are pleasant and very easy-going best large indoor plants to spice up your brightest windows because of their shiny, green foliage and intriguing forms.

If you have plenty of light, these are the best big indoor plants for home and are not challenging to grow. They’re fantastic in a variety of contexts because they seem “rustic and modern at the same time.”

If you seek a new and intriguing houseplant, these large indoor plants are excellent corner table plants or miniature trees to add to your collection. Indoor olive tree care is easy. These low-maintenance plants offer beauty to your home’s décor while requiring little in return.

6. Snake Plant

  • Common Name Snake plant, viper’s bowstring hemp, St. George’s sword, Mother’s-in-law tongue
  • Native Area West Africa 
  • Botanical Name Dracaena trifasciata (formerly Sansevieria trifasciata)
  • Family Asparagaceae
  • Mature Size 1-8 feet
  • Sun Exposure Shade to partial sun
  • Plant Type Evergreen, perennial

A snake plant is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance houseplant. Because of its adaptability to a wide range of growing situations, these best large indoor plants are still popular today — generations of gardeners have named them a favorite. 

Most snake plant variants feature stiff, upright, sword-like leaves with gray, silver, or gold bands or edges. The architectural aspect of the snake plant makes it an ideal choice for modern and contemporary interior designs. 

These are one of the best big indoor plants for home. Its slim form and lack of branches make it a perfect floor plant for any setting.

7. Money plant

  • Scientific Name: Pachira Aquatica
  • Native Area: South America
  • Common Name: Money tree, Guiana chestnut
  • Size: 6-8 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun, partial shade
  • Plant Type: Tree

Consider purchasing a money tree plant if you want to add some extra vitality and greenery to your home. These best large indoor plants are fuss-free and lovely in equal measure. Pachira creates a beautiful centerpiece with its braided stems and leaves that grow in groups of five. 

Use it in your indoor plant cluster or arrange it in vacant room corners to add aesthetic appeal. Not only do these big indoor plants for home have a striking appearance, but they’re also relatively simple to maintain. 

Giving these beauties the appropriate amount of water, light, and humidity will help them flourish.

8. Fiddle leaf fig

  • Common Name: Fiddle-leaf fig, banjo fig
  • Native Area: Tropical western Africa
  • Botanical Name: Ficus lyrata
  • Family: Moraceae 
  • Size: 7-9 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Part shade
  • Plant Type: Broadleaf evergreen

You may have seen these best large indoor plants on Instagram, in magazines, in hotel lobbies, or even in someone’s house. It is all over the place. 

This beauty is the trend itself. Ficus lyrata, or fiddle-leaf fig, is a famous indoor tree with enormous, deeply veined, glossy violin-shaped leaves that grow upright on a sleek stem. The leaves of this plant are leathery and dark green. 

The upper side of the leaves of the fiddle fig appears waxy, while the bottoms seem lighter and matte. These best big indoor plants for home make an excellent focal point for a space if you can place a fiddle-leaf fig in a floor-standing container that allows the plant to grow to at least 6 feet tall.

9. Parlor Palm Tree

Parlor Palm Tree
  • Common Name: Parlor palm, Neanthe bella palm
  • Native Area: Rainforests of southern Mexico and Guatemala
  • Botanical Name: Chamaedorea Elegans
  • Family: Arecaceae
  • Size: 7-9 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Bright, indirect light
  • Plant Type: Palm

Do you have a space or a sunroom in desperate need of some color? Then you should learn about the parlor palm (Chamaedorea elegans). 

These best large indoor plants’ leaves are tropical, narrow fronds that grow more or less straight, reaching around four feet in height indoors. This makes it an ideal floor planter occupier.

This palm plant is one of the most popular indoor plants for brightening up a room. Beautiful, arching, green pinnate leaves with 12 or more pairs of tiny leaflets per leaf give indoor spaces a tropical feel. These best big indoor plants for home are small, compact, and normally have only one trunk.

They’re also one of the few palms that can survive in low-light environments, making them ideal for the darker corners of a well-lit space. 

Parlor Palms are a popular choice for offices and commercial enterprises since they serve to clean the air, require less light, and transport you to a wilder, less stressful world.

10. Fishtail Palm

Fishtail Palm
  • Scientific Name: Caryota sp.
  • Native Area: Asia, Northern Australia, and the South Pacific
  • Sun Exposure: Part sun
  • Size: 6-10 feet

Want to add a tropical vibe to your home? Who doesn’t adore such cool decor? Fishtail palms open the gateway to the tropics. This is because this palm tree has bipinnately compound leaves with several leaflets. 

These best large indoor plants create dappled shade through these grayish-green leaves. The plant’s leaves have jagged edges that resemble fins and fishtails, therefore the name.

The only palms with this leaf structure are Caryota palms, which are bipinnate. This more intricate leaf arrangement produces some of the most beautiful palm leaves. The leaflets of a Caryota palm are triangular, similar to the shape of a fish’s tail.

These best big indoor plants for home make excellent complements to any yard or living area. It may effortlessly provide a tropical island feel.

11. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant
  • Common Name: Zanzibar gem, eternity plant
  • Native Area: Eastern Africa
  • Botanical Name: Zamioculcas zamiifolia
  • Family: Araceae
  • Size: 3-4 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Low, indirect light; semi-shade
  • Plant Type: Tropical perennial

With its wide, appealing, dark green leaves, the ZZ plant has a lot of advantages for businesses and residences. The ZZ plant can tolerate neglect, drought, and low light levels without becoming irritated. The leaves are smooth, glossy, reflect light, and brighten spaces. 

These plants emerge from thick, bulbous stalks that emerge from huge, water-storing rhizomes buried beneath the soil.

It grows slowly to two or three feet, so it isn’t a monster that quickly outgrows pots. These best big indoor plants for home also act as air cleaners. As per a NASA study, it is particularly good at removing contaminants like xylene, toluene, and benzene from the air.

12. Areca Palm

Areca Palm Plant
  • Common Names: Bamboo palm, golden cane palm, yellow palm
  • Native Area: Madagascar
  • Botanical Name: Dypsis lutescens (formerly Chrysalidocarpus lutescens)
  • Family: Arecaceae
  • Size: 9-11 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Full to partial sun
  • Plant Type: Palm or cycad

Nothing matches an areca palm plant for creating a tropical atmosphere in your house. Though palm trees have a limited outside range. You’ll notice areca palms in interiors everywhere, from workplaces to shopping malls. 

These best large indoor plants are readily available and simple to produce, and their lush foliage even assists in the removal of harmful toxins from the air.

The smooth, occasionally golden trunks of these palms resemble bamboo bunches. Their fronds are similar to bamboo leaves in that they are slender and full. 

These best big indoor plants for home are indeed one of the most popular as they don’t require a green thumb.

13. Majesty Palm

  • Common Names Majesty palm, majestic palm
  • Native Area Africa
  • Botanical Name Ravenea rivularis
  • Family Arecaceae
  • Size 6-8 feet
  • Sun Exposure Partial
  • Plant Type Tree

The Majesty Palm is a sturdy, tropical palm native to Madagascar with beautiful, feathery fronds. This palm is commonly found near riversides and is named for its majestic appearance. 

The leaves of the best large indoor plants grow straight up from the trunk before arching at the ends to form a huge crown. While this palm is new to the world of houseplants, with proper care, it can be a wonderful addition to any household.

Majesty palm is a common houseplant that grows slowly, gradually getting larger and more attractive with time and care. 

These best big indoor plants for home are surprisingly simple to grow, just make sure you give them proper light, water, humidity, and fertilizer.

14. Elephant’s Ear (Alocasia)

  • Common Name: Alocasia, elephant ear
  • Native Areas: Tropical regions of Asia
  • Botanical Name: Alocasia spp.
  • Family: Araceae, or Aroid
  • Size: 4-6 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Bright indirect light indoors; part shade outdoors
  • Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial

Want to add something unusual to your home space? These best large indoor plants are prized for their dramatic foliage. 

Elephant ear plants acquire their name from their heart-shaped (or elephant ear-shaped!) leaves, which are huge. The leaves of upright elephant ears (Alocasia) often have multicolored variegations. 

These big indoor plants for home have magnificent foliage that can become the focal point of a garden or area.

Every week, Alocasia plants can grow a new leaf that is twice the size of the previous week’s. Leaf shapes range from thin arrowheads to huge heart-shaped leaves with vibrant veins and a variety of textures, including thick, waxy, slippery, and glossy.

15. Yucca Plant

Yucca Plant
  • Common Name: Yucca plant
  • Botanical Name: Yucca spp.
  • Family: Agavaceae
  • Plant Type: Herbaceous perennials
  • Size: Changes with the species 
  • Sun Exposure: Bright, indirect light
  • Native Area: North America, the Caribbean

Yucca cultivation is not limited to the home. The sword-like leaves of the yuccas plant offer a distinctive look to any space. There are multiple species of this perennial, evergreen plant.

The yucca’s capacity to survive long dry periods makes it ideal for almost any home garden. These best large indoor plants are a fantastic choice for just about any home because of their bright green beautiful foliage and ability to tolerate long periods of drought. 

Yucca plants range in color from green to bluish, with cream, yellow, and white variegations. These best big indoor plants for home are both attractive and low-maintenance, making them ideal houseplants.

16. Monstera plant

Monstera plant
  • Common Names: Split-leaf philodendron, Swiss cheese plant, window leaf, ceriman
  • Native Area: Central America
  • Botanical Name: Monstera deliciosa
  • Family: Araceae
  • Size: 3-4 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Bright indirect sunlight, partial shade
  • Plant Type: Climbing evergreen

The absolute reigning king, the Monstera Deliciosa, or Swiss Cheese Plant, is a tropical pleasure with big beautiful leaves with natural holes that mimic those in Swiss Cheese. 

You may have seen these best large indoor plants in a million home décor pictures on social media. Its mere presence brightens a room and gives the space a wow factor.

It’s also a popular houseplant because it’s low-maintenance and resistant to pests and illnesses. It’s an excellent plant for both novice and professional gardeners.

These best big indoor plants for home have a distinctive split in their naturally glossy huge heart-shaped leaves. You’ll also notice delicate aerial roots emerging from the soil, which help the plant sustain the stems that bear 3-foot-long leaves.

17. Umbrella tree

  • Common Name: Schefflera, umbrella plant, umbrella tree
  • Native Area: Taiwan
  • Botanical Name: Schefflera spp.
  • Family: Araliaceae
  • Mature Size: 4 – 6 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Bright, indirect light
  • Plant Type: Broadleaf evergreen

Looking to add something aesthetic to your collection? This might be the perfect fit. It has long, beautiful, oval green leaves hanging elegantly from a central stalk, resembling an umbrella. 

A mature Schefflera can contain 12 to 16 leaflets on a single stalk, whereas an immature Schefflera can have four to six.

These best large indoor plants are usually low-maintenance, as long as you water them at least a few times a month. You will get a lovely plant to liven up and add structure to a dreary corner or use it more boldly to flank a doorway.

You can have it as a tall and slender specimen set at floor level and reaching for the ceiling or keep it compact and medium in the corner area, enhancing its adaptability. These best big indoor plants for the home can be used in a variety of positions and adapts to different environments.

18. African Milk Plant

African Milk Plant
  • Common Name: African milk tree, African milk bush
  • Native Areas: Africa
  • Botanical Name: Euphorbia trigona
  • Family: Euphorbiaceae
  • Size: 6-9 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Partial
  • Plant Type: Succulent

These best large indoor plants will give a desert vibe to your home. The African Milk Tree, Euphorbia Trigona, has a unique architectural and upright growth habit. It has cactus-like spines that are matched with delicate, feather-like leaves. 

It’s a succulent plant that looks a lot like a cactus and gets its name from the milky white sap it generates.

These best big indoor plants for home are known as lucky plants in most regions. They do need a lot of sunlight and a drainage hole in the container. Apart from that, the African milk plant’s care is minimal and they won’t create a fuss.

19. Croton

  • Common Name: Croton, garden croton
  • Native Area: Tropical Asia and Pacific regions
  • Botanical Name: Codiaeum variegatum
  • Family: Euphorbiaceae
  • Size: 3-8 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Full, partial
  • Plant Type: Evergreen shrub

This plant will add an aesthetic vibe to your space. Crotons’ glossy, broad green leaves—striped or spattered with cream, yellow, orange, red, pink, or black—turn attention like no other when it comes to vibrant, stunning, colorful houseplants. Its bright hues, like a moth to a flame, draw the eye to it. 

These best large indoor plants range from the croton plant to big trees that reach the lofty ceiling of an office lobby, giving us the capacity to bring an indoor landscape to life that you’ve only ever imagined.

20. Dracaena Marginata

  • Common Names: Dragon tree, Madagascar dragon tree
  • Native Areas: Madagascar
  • Botanical Name: Dracaena marginata
  • Family: Asparagaceae
  • Size: 8-10 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun, partial shade
  • Plant Type: Broadleaf evergreen

With long, slender green leaves that are bordered by red, Dracaena marginata is a popular indoor plant. Lower leaves fall away over time, revealing a slender trunk. These best large indoor plants are attractive on their own and can also be used to provide height to a group of houseplants.

These best big indoor plants for home are perfect for novices because they can withstand drought and aren’t picky about their lighting. It’s an excellent houseplant because it’s the right combination of beauty and resilience! 

Dracaena Marginata is one of the best striking indoor plants. They grow to be tall trees that not only seem beautiful in a location but also help to clean the air by removing hazardous substances.

21. Corn Plant

Corn Plant
  • Common Names: Corn plant, dracaena, false palm
  • Native Area: Africa (tropics)
  • Botanical Name: Dracaena fragrans
  • Family: Asparagaceae
  • Size: 6-8 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Partial
  • Plant Type: Broadleaf, evergreen, shrub/tree

The Corn Plant (Dracaena fragrans) gets its name from its gleaming green leaves and woody stalk, which resemble those of a corn plant. These best large indoor plants form a sturdy stem as they mature, and the leaves concentrate at the tops of the stems. It can grow to be as tall as your ceiling if you let it!

The Corn Plant will show off its good-looking leaves and remove numerous indoor air contaminants in exchange for a little bit of care and attention from time to time. 

After a few years, you should have a bold ascent specimen with several crowns and the possibility of a modest spray of fragrant white flowers if you nurture it well. With the smallest amount of effort, this is simply stunning.

The Corn Plant is a very simple plant to take care of. It can withstand neglect, low light, and even being under-watered. On the other hand, this plant will grow with a little effort and produce lovely leaves (and occasionally blooms) for years.

22. Norfolk Island Pine Tree

Norfolk Island Pine Tree
  • Common Name: Norfolk pine, Australian pine
  • Native Area: Norfolk Island in the Pacific
  • Botanical Name: Araucaria heterophylla
  • Family: Araucariaceae
  • Size: 7-9 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun; can tolerate shade
  • Plant Type: Needled evergreen conifer

Despite its widespread name, the Norfolk Island Pine is not a pine at all but rather a member of the Araucariaceae family of cone-bearing trees, which dates back thousands of years. 

Furthermore, the Norfolk Island Pine’s unique yet symmetrical shape makes it a fun, living alternative to, or addition to, the standard Christmas tree. In fact, they’ve earned the name ‘monkey puzzle trees’ for their proclivity for growing in flawlessly geometric forms and patterns.

Norfolk Island pines thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments. While they prefer certain growing conditions, they are adaptable and may thrive in a range of environments.

23. Philodendron

  • Common Name: Philodendron
  • Native Area: Central America, South America
  • Botanical Name: Philodendron spp.
  • Family: Araceae
  • Size: 3-8 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Partial
  • Plant Type: Perennial

Philodendron leaves are often huge, green, and glossy, filling your home with a touch of the tropics. Philodendrons are one of the most simple houseplants to grow. 

These best large indoor plants are equally happy in a household setting, whether they are upright or trailing/climbing kinds. Even inexperienced gardeners can usually cultivate these plants successfully.

Philodendrons are low-maintenance plants that can go dormant for lengthy periods. These best big indoor plants for a home will thrive regardless of whether you train them up a trellis or simply leave them to their own devices. 

Philodendron thrives in a variety of indoor settings. It may be kept all year indoors and thrives in a west or southeast window.

24. Jade Plant

Jade Plant
  • Botanical Name: Crassula ovata
  • Native Area: South Africa
  • Common Name: Jade plant
  • Family: Crassulaceae
  • Mature Size: 3–6 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun
  • Plant Type: Succulent

These beauties have a small tree-like look with strong, woody stems and oval-shaped leaves, making them ideal for use as a decorative houseplant. 

When cultivated indoors, these best large indoor plants can reach heights of three feet or more and are frequently passed down from generation to generation.

Most homes’ warm, dry conditions are ideal for jade plants. Many individuals have these indoor plants in their homes and offices, and they are considered good luck emblems. It is not necessary to be lucky to learn how to properly care for and maintain jade plants because it is quite simple.

25. Bamboo tree

Bonsai Bamboo Tree
  • Common Name: Lucky bamboo, friendship bamboo
  • Native Area: Africa
  • Botanical Name: Dracaena sanderiana
  • Family: Asparagaceae
  • Mature Size: 3-5 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Partial shade
  • Plant Type: Perennial shrub

Nowadays, you don’t have to look hard to find the lucky bamboo. These sculptural indoor plants have eye-catching patterns, swirls, or braided stems that can be seen in workplaces, businesses, and homes. 

Bamboo is a versatile and hardy plant that can be used in the home garden. Bamboo grows swiftly and thickly, and it may soon transform your landscape into a gorgeous and lush feature. 

According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, these are extremely lucky and auspicious. Keeping these best big indoor plants for home and at work is thought to bring good luck, money, wealth, and prosperity.

Bamboo is a natural air filter that helps to keep the surroundings clean. 

The stems of this plant compliment a delightful touch to any type of home decor. This plant is believed to provide positive energy and protection to its owners.

26. Weeping fig plant

  • Common Name: Weeping fig, ficus tree, Benjamin fig
  • Native Area: Asia, Australia
  • Botanical Name: Ficus Benjamina
  • Family: Moraceae
  • Mature Size: 3-6 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Filtered, bright sun
  • Plant Type: Evergreen tree is usually grown as a houseplant.

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a statuesque tree in their living room?

It’s no surprise that the weeping fig is a popular houseplant, given its nature to grow tall and its typical trunk and canopy structure. Beyond its exquisite shape, the weeping fig’s flexibility is part of what makes it so appealing.

With dense, glossy dark foliage, these best large indoor plants have slender branches that curve gently from a light grey base. The plants are generally clipped to maintain them between 3 and 6 feet tall when cultivated inside, and their trunks are occasionally braided for decorative appeal. 

These best big indoor plants for home are easy to care for and don’t require much knowledge on gardening. You only need to follow some basic care instructions while growing them indoors.

27. Ponytail Palm tree

Ponytail Palm tree
  • Botanical Name: Beaucarnea recurvata
  • Native Area: Semi-desert areas of Central America
  • Common Name: Ponytail palm, elephant’s foot
  • Mature Size: 6-8 feet 
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun
  • Plant Type: Broadleaf evergreen shrub/ tree

The ponytail palm has a bulbous trunk, cascading ponytail of leaves, and charming proportions. It is a cute plant and is low on maintenance. It’s no surprise that these best large indoor plants are popular houseplants. 

It’s a slow-growing plant that may reputedly live for decades, if not centuries.

These palms aren’t technically palms at all; they’re more closely connected to lilies, yet they demand the same level of care as a cactus or succulent. 

Drought-tolerant, slow-growing, and low-maintenance, the Ponytail Palm is an excellent choice. This plant is great for persons who have limited time or travel frequently. These best big indoor plants for the home will thrive if just watered every couple of weeks and left alone to soak up the sun.

28. Kentia Palm

Kentia Palm
  • Botanical Name: Howea forsteriana
  • Native Area: South Pacific
  • Common Name: Kentia palm
  • Mature Size: 3–12 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Partial shade, shade
  • Plant Type: Tropicals

This lush beauty will grace your living room, kitchen, or bedroom with its characteristic arching foliage and magnificent statue with just a little care and attention. 

A Kentia palm is one of the most common and popular indoor plants in the world, but it doesn’t make it any less attractive. This resilient plant checks several boxes if you want to start or expand your greenery collection. 

These best large indoor plants are easy to care for, tolerate both shade and cold, and can reach genuinely astonishing heights despite their slow growth.

29. Meyer lemon tree

Meyer lemon tree
  • Common Name: Meyer lemon
  • Native Area: China
  • Botanical Name: Citrus meyeri
  • Family: Rutaceae
  • Mature Size: 6–10 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun, partial shade
  • Plant Type: Broadleaf evergreen

With careful maintenance, a Meyer Lemon Tree can grow to be around four feet tall, making your home smell like spring all year. 

These best large indoor plants require a lot of direct sunlight, so keep them near a window, and the soil should never be allowed to dry up. It may not be the easiest plant to care for, but the never-ending supply of fresh citrus makes it worthwhile.

The Meyer is a hybrid fruit that resembles a lemon and a mandarin orange mix. These are sweeter than other lemon bushes’ fruit, and even the peels are pleasant and useful in the kitchen. 

In addition, these best big indoor plants for home are smaller and have a more rounded shape.

30. Variegated Ficus Triangularis Plant

Variegated Ficus Triangularis Plant
  • Family: Moraceae
  • Native Area: South Africa
  • Size: 5-7 feet

Variegated Dwarf Triangle Fig is a gorgeous variegated plant with exquisite 2-3″ triangle leaves that are all different. Its leaves are green and yellow in color, with green in the middle and creamed yellow along the leaf’s border, and each leaf is different in size. 

These best large indoor plants are showstoppers since each leaf is different and unique.

It’s a lovely addition to a brightly lighted desk or tabletop when it’s young, where you can see the variegated leaves up close. With proper care, it can grow into a tree and reach a height of 6 feet or more indoors. 

It’s a joy to see your variegated Ficus triangularis mature into a large specimen.


The best large indoor plants provide our spaces with a sense of freshness and positivity. They come in a variety of sizes and also aid in air purification. 

Growing the best big indoor plants has its own set of advantages. They’re beautiful and transform your home into a heaven.

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