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Corporate Gifts Under Rs. 1000

Let me keep this simple for you. I’ll suggest you 5 gifts to choose from under the budget of Rs. 1000. The reasons will help you make a better decision.

Place order for as many plants as you want and mention all the addresses to be sent in the notes.

Sending gifts to 5 or more people ? Get 12% OFF by using coupon code: ESG2021

Ficus Bonsai Tree – 5 Years Old

Ficus belong to the banyan tree family, hence it’s considered to be auspicious and good as per feng shui. Also, it is the best evergreen, low maintenance and great shape bonsai tree.

Good luck Jade Bonsai Tree

It is believed that good luck jade plant brings luck when gifted. And it is one of the best air purifying plant as well.

    Carmona Bonsai Tree – 4 Years Old

    Carmona is one of the rare bonsai plant which is indoor as well as flowering. This rare combination makes it a great choice for bonsai lovers. Caring is easy. Go for it.

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    Radermachera Bonsai Tree – 3 Years Old

    China Doll Bonsai is very suitable for office desk. It comes in the self watering pot and can grow well in the low light condition as well.

    Grafted Ficus Bonsai Tree – 4 Years Old

    Very low maintenance, one of the most common bonsai plants to be kept indoors in office or home. In low budget too.

    Every order gets caring instructions and complete care guideline by dedicated experts after the plant is delivered.

    We don’t only sell the bonsai plants, we help you own it. ~ Vinni Balyan – MD, Abana Homes.

    Should you face any issue or get any question, please feel free to reach us on WhatsApp at 9315569090 and write – corporate gifts. You’ll be connected to the right team there.

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