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Indoor Plants for Kitchen

20+ Best Indoor Plants for Kitchen

Who doesn’t love to cook in a place that makes the whole experience more enjoyable and feels like less work? Adding kitchen indoor plants to your cooking space is an excellent way to give the room essence and appeal. 

However, everyone has a different setup and arrangement for windows and natural light, counter space, and size; we have figured out the top 20+ best indoor plants for the kitchen to add charm to any area.

Best Indoor Plants for Kitchen

1. Philodendron


Heartleaf philodendron, which is frequently mistaken for pothos, is distinguished by its leaves’ unique heart shape rather than the teardrop shape of pothos. These will give your space a jungle and classy vibe.

You can hang these low-maintenance indoor plants in baskets. If you hang yours from the ceiling or put it on a high shelf, these philodendrons will soon cover your walls. These foliage plants, which come in a wide range of forms and hues, are well known for being excellent air purifiers.

These best indoor plants for kitchen India may grow in bright to moderate indirect light. Some people believe them to be reasonably drought-tolerant. 

Heartleaf philodendron only needs a little light and a sip of water every few weeks to survive.

2. English Ivy

English Ivy

If you have a small-sized kitchen with limited counter space, you can hang them and adore them all day long. English ivy is a pretty vine with leaves that has an umbrella form and is reasonably simple to grow indoors. You can train these kitchen indoor plants eager tendrils around a basket handle or let it dangle down from a high shelf for a fuller look.

These best indoor plants for kitchen India blend well with any decor color. You can quickly discover a variation to fit your kitchen due to the pointed leaves’ many hues of green with accents of white, yellow, and black.

These are excellent air-purifiers and are known to reduce indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene, mold, and bacteria to an extent. The only thing that you should be careful of is its toxicity to cats and dogs.

3. Polka Dot

Polka Dot

Are you on a quest to find something incredibly unique? Then why not get some bright polka dots? Who doesn’t like to add some cute polka dots to brighten your day? These best indoor plants for kitchen India have vividly spotted leaves that make for a lovely kitchen accent. 

A polka dot plant is a charming addition to the window sills with its vividly speckled foliage in splotches of pink or red. Though they won’t last lifelong, you can replace them with a few bucks. Their beauty is worth all the money, isn’t it?

It thrives in a mix of bright, indirect sunlight and partial shade. As these kitchen indoor plants always prefer a little moisture, you should avoid letting the soil become completely dry. They enjoy humid environments, which you may provide for them by misting them regularly.

4. Bromeliad


Do you have a plain kitchen? Why don’t you add a splash of colors to liven up your kitchen? With their extravagant flower displays, bromeliads are a fantastic option for bringing some color into your kitchen. 

Each plant flourishes with single bloom making it a classy pick for indoor plants for kitchen India. The vibrant and varied greenery complements ideally to the bloom. These kitchen indoor plants can also thrive in limited areas of shallow pots and light soils.

5. ZZ Plants

ZZ Plants

If you are someone who often omits to care for your green buddy, ZZ will forgive you easily. Zamioculcas zamiifolia, the tongue-twisting name of this plant, is hard to kill. Its striking upright waxy leaves can withstand even the darkest spaces. 

These best indoor plants for kitchen India are low on maintenance. ZZ Plants can withstand any level of humidity as well as low or bright light. Additionally, the plant favors drier conditions and requires less water. 

One thing to consider is that do not let your Zamioculcas zamiifolia plants sit in direct sunshine, as it can scorching rays can burn their leaves.

6. Spider Plants

Spider Plant

These are classy and all-time favorites of everyone! Spider plants are known for their little maintenance. These have long arched stems which captivate the attention quickly.

When these kitchen indoor plants are happy, they blossom and produce a lot of offspring. To conserve your limited counter space, you can hang them or stack them on top of the cabinets. 

The spider plant is an excellent natural air purifier that helps clear the air of pollutants, odors, and fumes.

These best indoor plants for kitchen India favor bright light yet can function in dim light. You can pinch off and replant the adorable plantlets. In the spring and summer, keep your plants moist, but in the fall and winter, let them dry out in between waterings. 

Your plant should not be in direct sunlight since the leaves may burn.

7. Basil

Indian Basil

If your kitchen has plenty of natural light, forget about buying fresh herbs. Why spend a dime when you can have them fresh at your place? One of the simplest plants you can grow in your home is basil.

The best news is that these best indoor plants for kitchen India thrive rapidly if given proper surroundings, especially a window facing south. 

Additionally, you’ll be relieved to learn that the aroma of basil is said to lessen emotions of stress and anxiety if you have a temper in the kitchen. It is also among the most adaptable in terms of cooking. 

These require balanced soil moisture and at least six hours of bright light each day. Pruning your plant can promote growth and produce fresh leaves that will improve your meals. 

Just be aware that these kitchen indoor plants prefer moist soil, a lot of sun, and draughty environments.

8. Air Plant

Air Plant

You won’t find these beauties in homes easily. These rare kitchen indoor plants are ideal if you have a tiny kitchen. If you’re new to plant parenting, it’s a good option because it’s almost a no-care plant.

These soil-free evergreen perennials can be strung under cabinets, hung from windows, added as wall art, or used to add a splash of color to your spice rack. You can also use air plants as fridge magnets!

Air plants are epiphytes; these best indoor plants for kitchen India may grow in bright light without soil. You should water them often and keep them in a well-lit area. 

All they demand is misting three to seven times a week. You can spritz the plant’s leaves or immerse them in the kitchen sink once a week.

9. Snake Plants

Snake Plant

Are you looking for something tall that won’t take much of your space in the kitchen? A snake plant is a beautiful addition to a kitchen nook that needs some life with its tall, vivid, lance-shaped leaves.

Other than being hardy, these best indoor plants for kitchen India effectively remove hazardous pollutants from the air in your home. They are best known for their air-purifying feature. These plants are typically low-maintenance and come in a range of different colors, shapes, and sizes.

If your kitchen window doesn’t get much sunlight, you’re still in luck because these attractive plants can survive without direct sunlight. As long as they receive some light and are above a comfortable 65 degrees, they can go for weeks without watering and even thrives when you forget about it.

10. Venus Flytrap

Nobody likes to watch tiny bugs scurrying around the kitchen, but you’re obvious to encounter them in a place where there are food scraps, trash, and alluring odors. You can place a Venus flytrap on the counter to fend off the vermin. 

Surprisingly these kitchen indoor plants are easy to maintain carnivorous plants. Simply keep them out of direct sunlight, plant them in a pot with poor soil that is acidic, and water it with rainwater or distilled water.

11. Calamondin Orange

Are you ready to fill your kitchen with aromatic scents and fruits? Bring a calamondin orange tree into the kitchen for a splash of color and fragrance. The tree is usually tiny and bush-like, though it can grow to a height of 10 to 20 feet. 

You can place them on counter space and adore the fruits while cooking your meals. The beauty may calm your mind and reduce stress and anxiety for some time. 

However, if you want to consume the fruit, you’ll need to wait patiently because one orange might take up to a year to ripen. 

These best indoor plants for kitchen India may grow in more shaded areas as well, yet these resilient trees will thrive in direct sunlight. 

12. Rubber Plants

Rubber Plant

A rubber plant will liven up the space and won’t require much from you if your kitchen has an oddly empty spot. Rubber trees (Ficus elastica), a large statement plant for your kitchen, are a terrific option. These have glossy dark green to burgundy leaves, making an appealing aura.

You can place these beauties near a window or on a counter to complement its attractive vibe. To match your tree to the hues and style of your kitchen, choose from a variety of options.

These best indoor plants for kitchen India are low to moderate on maintenance and won’t give you trouble often. You can prune your trees regularly to control their size and shape when growing indoors. 

13. Aluminium Plants

Do you have any appliances or utensils in aluminum? Then, why can’t kitchen indoor plants be aluminum? The aluminum plant’s green and glittering silver foliage will fit in well. 

The individual leaves spread out in an umbrella-like pattern as they grow from the ground to their regular size. The beauty of the plant is in these leaves. 

Each leaf has a distinctive silver pattern giving out a lovely tapestry of various shapes over the entire plant. You can hang these best indoor plants for kitchen India in a basket. 

You can save important counter space because it makes a wonderful hanging plant. You should keep your plants away from draughts of heat or cold (like your heater or air conditioner).

14. Coffee Plants

Doesn’t matter if you are a coffee person or not; the coffee plant can win you over with a single glimpse. The coffee plant (Coffea arabica) is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. The coffee plant’s glossy leaves and compact growth pattern make it beautiful. 

You can place these best indoor plants for kitchen India in any corner of the kitchen and adore its dark green glossy leaves. It elevates the aesthetic appeal of the area. Coffee plants need frequent watering and bright, indirect light to grow better.

15. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera

These are also known as the “plant of immortality” and are one of the most challenging plants to kill. Aloe has thick, fleshy leaves with serrated edges but no stem. 

It works well in kitchens because there may be more temperature variation than in other rooms. Having these best indoor plants for kitchen India is like having 24-hour access to a pharmacy. 

Aloe vera is a lovely and distinctive-looking plant that is rich in vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your skin.

The hardy succulent doesn’t need direct sunshine and only requires a thorough watering every three weeks or so. Even better, you can easily use them on hand in case of kitchen mishaps. 

Who doesn’t get burnt while cooking meals? Squeeze the gel-like fluid onto minor burns after pinching off an outer leaf. The anti-inflammatory characteristics of the leaf compounds help the skin tissues repair more quickly.

16. Nasturtium

Looking for a great party trick? Think of nasturtium as your trick of choice: Just pick a handful of its eye-catching flowers, toss them in a salad, and start oohing and ahhing. With the right care, these best indoor plants for kitchen India will flourish in a pot in your kitchen window. 

You can eat the colorful, spicy edible blossoms. You can even use the seed pods to make “poor man’s capers” by being pickled along with the plant’s leaves in a salad. These need a moderate level of care and look excellent on kitchen platforms.

17. African Violet

African Violet

Who doesn’t adore a beautiful view of flowers while cooking? African violets (Sauntpaulia) are one of the best indoor plants for kitchen India who prefer having cut flowers in the kitchen! A healthy African violet will bloom almost the entire year, and they come in a variety of lovely colors.

African violets are known to bring a splash of color to your kitchen. These indoor kitchen plants provide a little more than just greenery, and since they are safe for pets, you won’t have to worry about your four-legged companion taking sly naps on the window ledge.

These plants require a little care. They need lots of sunlight. You need to be a little cautious while watering these beauties as they can be a little delicate. 

Overwatering can harm the plant. Water exposure to its leaves is also not advised because it could result in discoloration. However, you should never let their soil be completely dry.

18. Rosemary


Aren’t herbs an obvious choice for kitchen space? Rosemary in particular adds beauty, fragrance, and flavor to a range of foods, including roast potatoes, stews, and pasta dishes. 

Instead of purchasing whole-cut bunches of rosemary from the market, you can grow your own at home and save your hard-earned money. Similar to nasturtium, rosemary too has tasty little purple blossoms.

The only drawback of these best indoor plants for kitchen India is their caring guidelines. You have to care for them a little more to reap its benefits. But your hard work is worth it in the end! 

It typically has a broad, deep root system, so make sure to buy a big pot. It needs full sunlight and watering every one to two weeks.

19. Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant

Add style and grace to your kitchen space! It makes sense to place a cast iron plant in the kitchen because they are durable as possible. The long, strappy upright leaves are naturally shiny and lovely. 

You can place these best indoor plants for kitchen India on the shelves or the counter and enjoy the look while cooking your favorite dishes. These low-maintenance houseplants are adaptable to several environmental factors. 

It doesn’t mind dim lighting at all. When it’s not actively growing in the fall and winter, keep it mildly damp in the spring and summer. You should let it dry out in between waterings. However, the sun scorches its leaves, making it a wonderful choice if your kitchen lacks natural light.

20. Lavender


Lavender is a more vibrant herb option that is useful for its usability as a food ingredient and aesthetic value. The greenish-gray stems bear deep violet blossoms that can be used in baking, savory recipes, drinks, and lemonade. 

These best indoor plants for kitchen India have a sweet, flowery flavor and are a member of the Lamiaceae family of mints. Lavender deters insects like flies, mosquitoes, moths, and more. Thus, producing fresh lavender will not only smell wonderful and look lovely, but it will also aid in warding off insects.

Lavender will thrive well and healthier ideally near a south-facing window where it will receive a few hours of direct sunshine each day. You can water your kitchen indoor plants once or twice a week.

21. Wheatgrass


These may look like a pile of grass but are widely used in many dishes. In addition to having a cute appearance, wheatgrass is a fantastic culinary alternative to your typical herbs because it’s ideal for juicing or adding to smoothies.

These best indoor plants for kitchen India have numerous health benefits. When the wheatgrass reaches a height of six to eight inches, you can cut and use it. Additionally, it enjoys a daily or twice-day gentle water misting.

22. Arrowhead Vine

Arrowhead Vine

Want to brighten up the corner of the kitchen area? These plants have arrowhead-shaped leaves with a silvery hue. This intriguing, low-maintenance plant can be a boom for new plant parents. These best indoor plants for kitchen India prefer slightly damp soil and moderate light.

23. Pothos


Are you someone who often neglects the plants? Well, pothos will ignore the overlooking aspect of yours. Pothos has heart-shaped leaves on long green vines. What more could you ask for? 

They make a statement and are simple to maintain. Pothos are perfect kitchen indoor plants, especially if you don’t have much light. Both soil and only water are sufficient for pothos plants to survive. If you decide to stick with soil, make sure to let it dry out in between waterings. 

Additionally, pothos favors dim light more than strong or direct sunshine.


Every room has different lighting, humidity, and temperature circumstances, and it’s crucial to remember that no one plant will thrive in every kitchen. But these best indoor plants for kitchen India make a wonderful place to start with gardening. 

The appropriate plant can add color, clean the air, or even produce fresh fruit all year round.

Let us know in the comments section which is your favorite indoor plant for the kitchen. 

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