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Indoor Plant Dying

Indoor Plant Dying: 16 Reasons And How to Save

Another dead plant? It is exhausting and hurtful at the same time when we witness our indoor plant dying. Nobody is born with a green thumb. Nevertheless, it aches to see our green babies wilt, wither, or even worse, pass away.  If you are also going through the same, then fear not. We will help […]

Fertilizer for Indoor Plants

Fertilizer for Indoor Plants: How and When to Fertilize Houseplants

Being a houseplant parent can be challenging! Knowing when to fertilize your indoor plant is a bit tricky. Knowing when to feed houseplants is difficult, even if you are an experienced grower.  A houseplant does not cry when it is hungry or uncomfortable, as human babies do. Instead, they react to their environment in much more […]

Bougainvillea Tree

Bougainvillea Tree: Varieties, Plant, Grow, and Care Guide

The bougainvillea tree is an ideal pick if you are looking for a tough tree with beautiful blooms that can withstand heat and drought.  This article will guide you on bougainvillea varieties, growing, and caring instructions. What is bougainvillea? Bougainvillea is a widespread genus of roughly 18 species of shrubs, vines, and small trees native […]

Champa Flower Plant

Champa Flower Plant – How to Grow, Care & Benefits

Are you excited to grow one of the most fragranced flowers, the Champa flower? This flower is popular worldwide and has many benefits. This article will guide you on the growing and caring tips for the Champa flower. What is the Champa flower? Champa, also known as campaka in Sanskrit, is a big, evergreen tree […]

spider plant by abana homes

Spider Plant – The Best Air Purifying Plant

The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is an adaptable houseplant that can grow in several different conditions. They are initially from South Africa, and their name is derived due to the spiderettes, which hang down like a spider from the core section of the plant. Spider plants are easy-to-grow houseplants that can work very well with […]

Snake Plant

Snake Plant: Benefits, Types, Care, and How to Grow

Do you know that the snake plant does not have a stem? They have just tough, thick, and upright leaves. Besides, if there were a prize for the most tolerant plant, Snake Plant would certainly be it! Many houseplants are grown for decoration and to maintain Feng Shui Practice; snake plants belong to this category […]

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