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plants that absorb radiation

10+ Plants that Absorb Radiation and EMF – Proven by Science

Watch out! your health is at risk from EMF radiation. It’s possible to damage DNA and cells with high-frequency EMFs. A lot of radiofrequency radiation comes from wireless telecommunication devices and equipment, like cell phones, smart meters, and portable wireless devices. However, the good news is that NASA examined several indoor plants and discovered plants […]

money attracting plants

Top 10 Money Attracting Plants – Must Have Indoor Plants for Your Home

Want to attract money? If so, then I’ve got exactly what you’re looking for! The article has the best 10 money attracting plants as per Feng Shui principles. Using ancient Chinese philosophy, I have researched which plants can attract money, wealth, and abundance to your home. Also, no matter if you’re adding plants to your […]

indoor plants for good luck

15 Indoor Plants for Good Luck That Will Bring Wealth, Health, and Love

Would you like to attract good luck and fortune? Indoor plants for good luck are a great way to attract love, prosperity, and well-being. Indoor plants not only bring nature inside but also offer numerous benefits. They can improve air quality, reduce stress, and beautify any room. However, did you know some indoor plants bring […]

indoor plants in delhi

Buy Indoor Plants in Delhi Online upto 50% OFF Starting at Rs. 199

Need a breath of fresh air? Look no further than our collection of indoor plants in Delhi! The benefits of indoor plants are numerous, including purifying the air, reducing stress, and improving productivity. We have indoor plants to suit any taste and budget. Whether you’re looking for low-maintenance plants or air-purifying plants, we’ve got you […]

indoor plants gurgaon

Buy Indoor Plants in Gurgaon From Rs. 199 – Abana Homes

What could be a better gift than a gorgeous indoor plant? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to gift online indoor plants in Gurgaon. There’s an exotic collection of indoor plants in Gurgaon. We also offer premium ceramic pots to enhance indoor plants.  We’ve got everything from tall indoor plants for your […]

indoor plants kochi

Buy Indoor Plants in Kochi Online upto 50% OFF Starting at Rs. 199

Would you like to buy indoor plants at a budget-friendly price in Kochi? You’ve come to the right place if so.  You can buy gorgeous indoor plants online in Kochi here. There’s a variety of indoor plants on the list, from air-purifying ones to low-maintenance ones. You’re sure to love the exotic indoor plants we […]

indoor office plants

15 Best Indoor Office Plants to Boost Workplace Productivity

Those who enjoy being outside may feel truly deprived if they leave the office at dusk and arrive before sunrise. But adding some indoor office plants might be the best way to bring nature inside.  There’s no doubt that indoor office plants will increase your productivity and reduce your stress. There are many kinds of […]

indoor plants in thrissur

Buy Indoor Plants in Thrissur Online upto 50% OFF, Delivers in 2 -5 days

Get amazing indoor plants online at Abana Homes. Choose whatever you like, all are affordable. Our exotic indoor plant collection is also a great gift to create WOW moments for your loved one. It’ll be delivered safely to your loved one’s door by our delivery guy.  Green plants offer excellent gift choices that will cheer […]

indoor plants in trivandrum

Buy Indoor Plants in Trivandrum and Save Up to 50% – Limited Time Offer

Plants are the key to creating a pure relationship between people and Mother Earth. Most plant lovers have visited nurseries, but have you ever tried a virtual nursery? Yes, here you are going to enjoy the virtual nursery tour. You are going to explore the wide range of indoor plants suitable for the Trivandrum climate. […]

indoor plants in Hyderabad

Buy Indoor Plants in Hyderabad Up to 50% off – Don’t Miss Out

Hyderabad receives heavy rainfall and sunlight which makes it extremely hot and humid. So, the best way to maintain the temperature at an optimum level is to grow indoor plants.  At Abana Homes, we provide varieties of indoor plants to keep you around a cool and fresh environment. You will find all kinds of indoor […]

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