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indoor plants in thrissur

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Get amazing indoor plants online at Abana Homes. Choose whatever you like, all are affordable.

Our exotic indoor plant collection is also a great gift to create WOW moments for your loved one. It’ll be delivered safely to your loved one’s door by our delivery guy. 

Green plants offer excellent gift choices that will cheer up your loved one more than anything. They are great ways to express your actual feelings for your loved one. So, let’s express your love and care with gorgeous indoor plants. Take a look at all the exotic collections we have for you.

Indoor Plants in Thrissur

For both home decor and gifts, these indoor plants are excellent. All of these indoor plants improve air quality and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

At a reasonable price, you can find indoor plants, flowering indoor plants, air purifying plants, low maintenance plants, and also low light indoor plants. We also provide top-notch plants and seeds that are 100 percent organic. 

 Apart from health benefits, these indoor plants are sure to enhance the aesthetic look of any place. Take a look at gorgeous indoor plants to transform your indoor space.

Best Indoor Plants in Thrissur for Offices

Stress at the workplace is an inevitable part of office life. However, it is proven that indoor plants can increase your productivity and concentration. Thus, eventually reducing your stress.

Also, with the indoor plant by your side, you will breathe fresh air. This pure air makes your nervous system calm. And indoor plants are the best way to improve the aesthetic attractiveness of your office desk.

Your office will look much more pleasant with the below listed indoor plants.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants for Sale in Thrissur

Do you know air purifying plants eliminate more than 50% of indoor air contaminants? For this reason, we offer the greatest variety of air-purifying plants. Our indoor air-purifying plants are sure to make your life healthier by improving your indoor air quality.

Some of our indoor air purifying plants, or air purifier plants inside as they are more commonly known, even purify the air at night. Explore our entire selection of indoor air purifier plants.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Thrissur

It can be truly depriving for those who enjoy being outside to arrive at work before sunrise and leave after sunset. However, adding some indoor plants could be your final piece to bring nature inside.  

Also, we understand managing a hectic schedule and high-maintenance plant can be challenging. That’s why we have low-maintenance indoor plants for you. 

These indoor plants won’t disturb you by continuously asking you for attention. Only the right location where they will receive the right amount of light and regular watering is enough for them.

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  • Original price was: ₹700.00.Current price is: ₹499.00.
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Low Light Indoor Plants Online Thrissur

often, there are vacant dark places in our homes. To fill these empty spaces, indoor plants are a great choice. However, we are aware that to grow well indoor plants need sunlight. And sometimes these dark vacant spaces lack direct sun exposure. Hence, to help you with that, we provide a collection of low-light indoor plants.

Low to indirect light is sufficient for these indoor plants to grow. Explore our selection of low-light indoor small plants and indoor flowering plants.

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  • Original price was: ₹700.00.Current price is: ₹499.00.
    Ships Today - Fast Delivery Available

Best Indoor Plants in Thrissur for Offices

Office desk plants are an excellent way to increase output and decrease stress. Indoor plants for office desks also brighten the decor of your workspace, which also beautify your space. 

Some lucky plants such as money plants for office desks draw better opportunities. So, give your coworkers the best feng shui plants to attract prosperity to their life. 

Air Purifying Indoor Plants for Sale in Thrissur

While the quality of the air around us is at an all-time low, air purifier sales are at an all-time high. If you’re thinking about obtaining an air purifier for your house as well, why not give the natural alternatives a shot first? 

A less expensive option to maintain clean, fresh air inside your home is using air-purifying plants. Additionally, they enhance your home’s aesthetic charm.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Thrissur

Since most of us have a busy schedule, low-maintenance indoor plants are the answer to the majority of gardening concerns. 

A variety of low-maintenance plants, such as low-maintenance outdoor plants and low-maintenance hedge plants, are available at Abana Homes. To purchase plants online, browse our whole selection of low-maintenance indoor plants.

Low Light Indoor Plants Online Thrissur

Even without direct sunlight, low-light houseplants will probably thrive in an east or west-facing room with a few windows. 

But even the most shade-tolerant plants would struggle in a room with no windows or just one north-facing window. In that case, leaving artificial lights on for a few hours each day will benefit your plants.


Q1. Is keeping plants in your bedroom risky?

Ans. No, keeping plants in the bedroom is not risky. In reality, having plants in the bedroom is necessary for healthy air, which in turn promotes restful sleep. Keep plants like areca palms, sansevierias, spider plants, and aloe vera around since they release oxygen even at night, among many other benefits.

Q2. Are plants better air cleansers than filters?

Ans. Indoor plants that filter the air are unquestionably superior to air purifiers for a variety of reasons. They only need light and water to function, and they are one-time investments. They also get better at purifying the air as they get bigger. Most notably, they actively produce more oxygen while removing contaminants from the air rather than recirculating the same air. They also make your house more beautiful and make you feel like you belong there.

Q3. Which indoor plant is best for the living room?

Ans. Snake plant, ZZ plant, Anthurium, Peace lilies, and spider plants are some of the best indoor plants for the living room.

Q4. What is the easiest indoor plant to keep alive?

Ans. Snake plant, Spider plant and ZZ plant are easiest indoor plant to keep alive.

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