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15 Best Indoor Office Plants to Boost Workplace Productivity

Those who enjoy being outside may feel truly deprived if they leave the office at dusk and arrive before sunrise. But adding some indoor office plants might be the best way to bring nature inside. 

There’s no doubt that indoor office plants will increase your productivity and reduce your stress. There are many kinds of indoor office plants, but low-maintenance ones are the best. It won’t bother you at your workplace by constantly asking for your attention.

Additionally, your workplace can benefit from indoor office plants. They’ll improve air quality, add visual interest, and raise the humidity. As long as you give the office indoor plants a drink once in a while, there’s no limit to how many you can keep.

So, let’s explore top indoor office plants to add some greenery to your workstation without any hassles.

Best indoor office plants to increase productivity

Listed below are the best indoor plants for improving air quality and giving your office a fresh vibe. As they can transform your workplace look, they are perfect for your office desk. Also, they’ll keep you calm, so you’ll be less stressed. As a result, you’ll be more productive.

1. ZZ Plant – Unkillable Office Plant Décor

ZZ plant

Never grown indoor plants before? Then, try ZZ plants. They are the hardest to kill and most beautiful to look at. ZZ plants easily survive in low-light environments. Yet, moderate to intense light will keep them flourishing.

2. Aloe Vera – Excellent Forgiving Plant


Without any doubt, choose aloe vera as your indoor office plant. They are the most forgiving plants you will ever grow. If you forgot the occasional watering, they will still greet you.

3. Jade Plant –  Feng shui plant to Attract  Wealth and Success


A straightforward and easy maintenance plant: Jade. They are widely known as lucky plants as they bring good opportunities and wealth success to owners. So, why not attract abundance in your life by growing this cute plant on your office desk?

4. Hanging Snake Plants – Elegant and Hardy

Snake plant

The toughest office plant: Snake plant. This hardy indoor office plant thrives in dry, dimly lit surroundings. Their tall sword-like leaves are sure to add style to your workplace. So, aren’t snake plants highly suitable to grow in your office?

5. The Chinese Evergreen – Best Choice for Office Plants

Chinese evergreen

Increase your productivity, concentration, and creativity with Chinese Evergreen. They will remove toxins, improve the air, raise the humidity, and create oxygen for you. Just keep a watch on the moisture and watering needs of these gorgeous plants.

6. Dracaenas –  A Focus Piece for office corner


A terrific choice if you want to make your workplace attractive and pleasant. Dracaena plants are less fussy compared to other varieties. They are fully capable to eliminate 87% of VOC in 24 hours.

7. Kalanchoe – Lovely, Vibrant Colors to Brighten Your Day


Brighten up your Monday morning with the vibrant colors of Kalanchoe. The bright bloom of kalanchoe is sure to add beauty to your office desk. Position them close to your office window with a south or west face to enjoy gorgeous blooms.

8. Peace Lilies – A sophisticated office plant

Peace lily plant

The Peace lily is a fantastic choice if you want a decent look. The white gorgeous blooms of peace lily provide a sophisticated look to the office ambiance. They are highly effective air purifiers. To keep them flourishing provide them shade or partial shade.

9. Rex Begonia – A Tropical Beauty


One of the most intriguing indoor plants, Rex begonia has vibrant foliage. In spite of its exotic appearance, Rex begonia is simple to grow. Rex begonia is a small office plant that looks great on desks and tabletops. Its vividly colored and variegated leaves make them stand out.

10. Bamboo Arrangement – An lucky indoor office Plant

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is reputed to infuse a room with uplifting energy. The plant is a wonderful accent for any design. Many people love this plant since it grows well in water and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.

11. Boston Fern –Eminiate toxins and provide clean air

Boston fern

Vintage plant with kelly-green leaves, closely related to sword ferns. Growing indoors, Boston ferns make excellent office plants. According to NASA, Boston Ferns are known for filtering indoor air. In baskets or among taller plants, its fronds flow like a waterfall.

12. English Ivy – Aristocratic Sounding Office Plant

English ivy

English ivy is an evergreen plant that can survive in cold and low-light conditions. Thus, making it a perfect choice for your green office friend. Through its vivid green leaves with a teal undertone, the outside is brought inside.

13. Bromeliads – Vibrant Blooms


With their vibrant colors, bromeliads will brighten any indoor space they are in. It prefers indirect natural light, not direct light from the window. However, if there is no natural light in your office, bromeliads can survive on fluorescent lights. Airflow and drainage are crucial for bromeliads.

14. Hoyas – Low Maintenance and  Gorgeous

Hoya Plant

A perfect plant if you’re seeking something special to add to your office collection of indoor plants. They are cuddly, clingy, and best of all, simple to take care of. Ho, ho, ho, hoya! A unique low-maintenance hanging plant hoya plant (Hindu Indian Rope Plant), is commonly referred to as the “wax plant.”

15. Ponytail Palms – Forgiving and Easy Care plant

Ponytail palm

Drought tolerance and slow growth make ponytails the best low-maintenance office plant. The long attractive curly leaves with sleek bulb trunks are sure to add a touch of class. It’s a perfect choice if you work from home and have a pet as it is pet friendly. They are very forgiving and simple to care for.

All the above plants are best to grow in your office. They will add a touch of beauty, provide fresh air, reduce stress, and increase your work achievement with less care. If you found these indoor office plants amusing check out below to know more about their amazing qualities.

Best indoor office plants

1. ZZ Plant – Unkillable Office Plant Décor

ZZ plant

When young, the ZZ’s sleek, glossy leaves are a dazzling lime hue. As they become older, they turn emerald green. Single leaflets can be 1-3 inches long. 

They sprout from huge, water-storing rhizomes buried deep in the soil, which themselves emerge from broad, inflated stalks. Additionally, it is a tough species. 

Moreover, you don’t need to water the ZZ plant regularly. They don’t need much water. Give it a short watering if its leaves begin to fall off, and it will instantly bounce back.

2. Aloe Vera – Excellent Forgiving Plant


Aloe vera is the best choice if your workplace lacks full sun exposure. It is a low-light and low-maintenance indoor office plant. Even if you missed a few watering, it is still going to shine on your office desk. It enjoys low light and needs little care.

These indoor office plants have been proven to be effective at removing formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Additionally, the gel in the leaves also has medicinal qualities. 

3. Jade Plant – Feng shui plant to Attract  Wealth and Success


You can place jade plants anywhere in your office. Just make sure they get modest light for a few hours per day.

The small oval leaflets on your office desk will bring an adorable look to the workplace. Moreover, you get enough varieties in Crassula Ovata. So, choose one that fits your need.

Make sure to monitor its moisture. And only water this adorable office plant when the soil is dry.

Overall, they make fantastic indoor office plants for the computer desk. Also, their dark green leaves don’t need as much light as other succulents.

4. Hanging Snake Plants – Elegant and Hardy

Snake plant

Grow this easy-to-care plant so that you don’t have to worry about it surviving your hectic schedule. Its robustness and simplicity of maintenance will make you appreciate snake plant more.

These vertical plants are perfect for office settings as they can survive low light and dry climates. Its prickly foliage provides the usually plain office decor with a beautiful touch. 

Snake plants can be grown indoors or outdoors and need little to no maintenance. Air filtration is another benefit of hanging snake plants throughout the office.

5. The Chinese Evergreen – Best Choice for Office Plants

In Asia, aglaonema, also known as the Chinese Evergreen, is considered an auspicious plant. The Aglaonema plant, the most effective air purifier, eliminates formaldehyde, benzene, and other pollutants from indoor air. Undoubtedly one of the most efficient and gorgeous workplace plants.

Additionally, the Chinese Evergreen might win the award for the most adaptive indoor office plant if such a trophy existed. 

It is one of the greatest small office plants. Although this plant may survive in a variety of conditions, it prefers moisture, heat, and indirect sunlight.

6. Dracaenas – A Focus Piece for office corner

Older and larger dracaena plants provide excellent focal points for interior décor as office plants. They are easy to maintain and give the office a unique focal point. 

Moreover, they are the perfect choice for neglected indoor plants since they can survive water restrictions and have resilient root systems that keep them from wilting. However, they do require some sunlight, so place them near a window.

Formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, benzene, and carbon dioxide are all removed with their help. These compounds have been linked to a number of medical conditions, including anemia, bone marrow disorders, migraines, and respiratory and renal conditions.

7. Kalanchoe – Lovely, Vibrant Colors to Brighten Your Day


You can completely transform the dull look of your office with kalanchoe. Also, you can create a terrific look by combining the kalanchoe with other kalanchoe varieties. 

Kalanchoe can withstand extremely low temperatures. Yet, it would be best if you provide them with temperatures between 60-85  degrees Fahrenheit

Its lovely, vibrant flowers are sure to keep you fresh throughout your day. Additionally, t is one of the best small office plants to enhance the office desk. To keep them thriving, make sure to grow them in clay pots with drainage holes.

8. Peace Lilies – A sophisticated office plant

Peace lilies get their common name from their gorgeous white blooms and broad, dark green foliage. They are well-liked since they are one of the few indoor office plants that can tolerate occasional overwatering and lack of light.

In offices with no windows at all, peace lilies can also thrive. Because of its exceptional durability, this plant is the best option for tabletop plants. 

Moreover, it can regain life after a protracted period of neglect and recover its previous strength.

9. Rex Begonia – A Tropical Beauty

Rex Begonia

This tropical beauty is the perfect addition to your workplace. The unique color and shape of the leaves make Rex Begonia stand out from other plants.

To keep their unique and bright color, these indoor office plants need more light. However, keep them out of direct sunlight. 

When the Sun is at its brightest throughout the year, avoid spending too much time in the sun. Because of this quality, the plant is ideal for use as a desk or office plant.

When the soil around the Begonia appears dry, water it. However, don’t wait too long or it might wither. They require misting since they prefer warmer conditions.

10. Bamboo Arrangement – An auspicious indoor office Plant

Lucky Bamboo

The plant is also connected to luck in numerous cultures. Therefore, it is perfect for a professional setting. 

Plant this lucky plant with pebbles to add a touch of class. Moreover, they flourish when planted in pots with enough drainage.

All sizes of bamboo plants are possible. Smaller ones make excellent desk plants. However, if you have a larger community space, the larger bamboo trees are great. 

Keep them away from heating and cooling outlets as well as from indirect sunlight.

11. Boston Fern – Eminiate toxins and provide clean air

Boston fern

Office plants that include some flora may significantly improve the well-being of both workers and their organizations. The same is true for people shopping for plants for their home offices. In addition to enhancing beauty, Boston fern help removes dangerous air pollutants from the environment.

Also, the Boston Ferns also have a relaxing effect on the skin by naturally retaining moisture, which improves the interior air quality and raises humidity levels. These characteristics of the Boston Fern are helpful to those with dry skin, dry nostrils, and sore throats.

12. English Ivy – Aristocratic Sounding Office Plant

English ivy

A great bright-light office plant is English ivy. It spreads out tall and lush, adding a hint of nature wherever it stands. 

Ivy may be grown indoors with ease if you know what makes the plant happy. When these best desk plants initially start to grow, they should be often watered. Once they’ve established themselves, they can withstand dry conditions like other office plants can.

Additionally, they do well in cooler climates. fortunately, offices are frequently chilly. English ivy may be kept in hanging baskets and on ledges, unlike table plants.

13. Bromeliads – Vibrant Blooms

Bromeliads are known for taking their own time to develop, so they might need a little more attention at first. However, once they have flowered, they require very little care, other than the occasional watering.

The fact that these indoor desk plants don’t even require much fertilizer and only require water and occasional attention is one of their main advantages. Thanks to their vivacious hues and gorgeous blossoms, they are sure to be an eye-catcher.

14. Hoyas – Low Maintenance but gorgeous

When Hoyas are almost dry they need to be re-watered. Every one to two weeks is ideal, but every three weeks also works well in the winter.

Make sure your workstation has enough space for a tail to spread out because some have longer tails than others. 

They are long, aesthetically attractive, and require little upkeep. As workplace plants, they promote productivity and stress relief.

Also, it’s not a coincidence that being around plants makes you feel more at ease. Additionally, it gives your home a beautiful appearance.

15. Ponytail Palms – Forgiving and Easy to Care

Ponytail Palms are desktop office plant that doesn’t take up much space and grows slowly inside. These are wonderful decorative plants for offices. In order to liven up the space, they can also be employed as desk plants.

Although growth will be slower, medium-light levels will be tolerated. This is because they have trouble in dimly lit environments. Despite this, people adore them as office plants due to their beauty and grandeur.


Q1. Why should plants be kept in a workspace?

Ans. Workplace plants increase efficiency, lower stress levels, and help prevent sick building syndrome by purifying the air. Workplaces with plants make it more pleasant to work there.

Q2. Can indoor plants thrive in an office environment?

Ans. The majority of low-maintenance plants may thrive with workplace lightings, such as ZZ or snake plants.

Q3. How do plants improve office productivity?

Ans. Plants offer a visual break, and according to scientific research, just having them around reduces stress and improves concentration. Additionally, they offer cleaner air for improved brain performance.

Q4. Which plants ought should I keep on my desk at work?

Ans. Small, low-maintenance plants make excellent office desk decorations. Sansevieria, succulents, little bamboo palms, calathea, or aglaonema are a few excellent plants.


These are the best low-maintenance indoor office plants to boost your productivity. however, in your office, there might not be much light to grow these plants. At that time, rotate the plants in and out of the little available natural light to take care of them.

Give your staff some latitude in taking care of (and admiring) these adorable office plants, no matter which ones you choose.

To get the most output out of each workday, you might keep track of the time spent with an indoor plant. 

Although they are also helpful for boosting productivity, having plants in the office has many other advantages. Other Advantages such as reducing stress, purifying air, increasing concentration, and adding a beautiful touch.

Overall, the busy office environment is relieved by office plants, which don’t require much in return. 

If you found this article helpful, share them with your working friend to let them have stress free work-life.

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