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indoor plants gurgaon

Buy Indoor Plants in Gurgaon From Rs. 199 – Abana Homes

What could be a better gift than a gorgeous indoor plant? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to gift online indoor plants in Gurgaon.

There’s an exotic collection of indoor plants in Gurgaon. We also offer premium ceramic pots to enhance indoor plants.

 We’ve got everything from tall indoor plants for your home corner to tiny adorable plants for your office desk.

In Gurgaon, our best-selling plants are auspicious plants like money trees and jades. If you don’t have green thumbs, we have an amazing collection of low-maintenance plants you’ll love.

You can buy these live plants online from Abana Homes and have them delivered to your loved ones’ addresses. With every gift plant, you receive a speedy doorstep delivery to enhance your gifting.

As well as bringing luck and warmth into your loved one’s home, plants leave a lasting impression of beauty. Take a look at our extensive selection if you’re thinking of buying plants.

Indoor Plants in Gurgaon

Houseplants contribute more than just foliage when used to spruce up interior spaces. These living things interact with your body, mind, and home, improving every aspect of your life.

With our top-notch online plants in Gurgaon, you may bring some greenery indoors. Snake plants, aloe vera plants, money plants, jade plants, and others are some of the greatest indoor plants we have accessible online. Take a look below

The Best Indoor Plants for Offices in Gurgaon

Incorporate some green elements into the design of your office. With indoor plants, you can filter the air and improve the aesthetics of a room.

Here are the best low-maintenance indoor plants for your workplace

Air-Purifying Indoor Plants Online in Gurgaon 

You might not realize how harmful invisible poisons in the air in your home can be. However, thanks to indoor plants, they are fully capable to remove toxins. 

You can breathe clean air because of these plants’ ability to absorb dangerous poisons. So, order some of our top air-purifying plants from our plant store online.  Don’t forget to check out English ivy, Chinese evergreen, and weeping fig, they’re the best!

Online low-light plants in Gurgaon

In places with limited access to light, such as the hallway and staircase corner, it works best. If you prefer plants in your bathroom, you may also use them there. 

Since the humidity is constant there, it is the best spot to grow plants in the bathroom. There are various options available, some of the best ones are below.

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Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Gurgaon

Busy life? Get low-maintenance indoor plants.  Low maintenance indoors requires little care. And they will give your home additional color and depth.

Take a look at the most loved low-maintenance indoor plants below

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Indoor Plants in Gurgaon

There are a number of factors contributing to Gurgaon’s poor air quality. You can keep the air in your Gurgaon apartment clean with indoor plants.

An excellent air purifier is Sanke Plant. It’s also an excellent idea to plant peace lilies, money plants, and aloe vera in Gurgaon. Another very appealing option is the rubber plant. They effectively absorb and degrade harmful chemicals.

Plants such as these not only add aesthetic value to your home or office but also make breathing easier.

The Best Indoor Plants for Offices in Gurgaon

Adding office plants to your workspace can improve air quality, create visual interest, and raise humidity. 

In your workspace, you can have as many plants as you like as long as you remember to water them occasionally.

It is generally healthy to be close to greenery. Plants bring a lot of life to your workplace, and low-light indoor plants are easy to maintain and make a huge impact.

Air-Purifying Plants Online

Air-purifying plants reduce indoor air contaminants by more than 50% over time, making them healthier to breathe. We have the most air-purifying plants at Abana Homes. 

Also, there are some indoor air-purifying plants that purify the air at night as well. 

Online Low-Light Plants Gurgaon

Feel more connected to nature by filling your house with low-light indoor plants. 

Plants like these flourish in indirect sunlight and don’t require routine watering or pruning, making them perfect for busy people. 

With this low light, you can decorate just about any room in your house, including corridors, basements, balconies, and windows without any worries.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Gurgaon

The types of indoor plants are endless, and if you have never kept a plant before, you might be unsure. 

When you consider that some plants require more attention and maintenance, it becomes even harder.

If you’re new to plant parenting and want to stick with plants that are more tolerant and low-maintenance but want a little greenery on your table, browse our low-maintenance plant section.

Also, low-maintenance indoor plants are the perfect solution to urban gardening problems due to space limitations.


Q1. Which are the best indoor plants in Gurgaon?

Ans. Lucky bamboo, Money plant, Snake plant, Areca palm, Jade plants, and rubber trees are the best indoor plants in Gurgaon.

Q2. Where can I buy indoor plants online in Gurgaon?

Ans. You can buy indoor plants at almost any nursery. Check out our indoor plant collection to buy indoor plants online.

Q3. How do Abana homes ensure the safe delivery of the plant?

Ans. Our plants are carefully packaged to ensure they are delivered safely and damage-free.

Q4. How to take care of indoor plants in Gurgaon?

Ans. Make sure you choose plants that are suitable for Gurgaon’s environment. Plants with a high tolerance for heat and humidity are ideal. Gurgaon’s hot and dry climate requires proper watering of indoor plants. Make sure your plants don’t get overwatered. Also, ensure the soil is evenly watered.

Q5. When can I get delivery in Gurgaon?

Ans. Your plant will be delivered safely within 2-5 days.

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