Bonsai Tree in Hyderabad

Bonsai is an age-old art to preserve the nature’s beauty into a confined place. Bonsai trees add the right life you need in your home. A bonsai plant can add the perfect depth to your living place. These bonsai trees are grown beautifully and stand out amongst other plants. These plants need a little care and utmost love to grow. To know more about bonsai tree in Hyderabad, click here.

Bonsai Tree in Hyderabad for Sale

Looking for bonsai tree in Hyderabad to buy?

Weather for Bonsai Tree in Hyderabad suitable for mostly indoor bonsai plants due to the dry weather there. Bonsai Plants love humidity. We always suggest our customers to make a DIY humidity tray and guide them over WhatsApp to create it. This simple yet effective technique gives a nice boost to the growth of the bonsai plants in Hyderabad despite the low humidity. Taking care of these little plants is very easy and hustle free. These bonsai trees can be placed indoor or outdoor suiting the environment. Some bonsai plants can live more than humans do if taken care of properly.

Join the journey with us, and take a bonsai plants to your home. We will be helping you throughout at every phase of your bonsai journey.

Top Selling Bonsai Plants in Hyderabad

Here are some top bonsai plants on sale for your city Hyderabad.

Ulmus Bonsai Tree

Ulmus bonsai tree will help you to begin your bonsai journey as it is a beautiful species of bonsai trees. The oval-shaped green leaves and the S-shaped trunk is a brilliant combination. They are great air purifying plants that clean the air and kills pollution. Your inner strength, intuition, and wisdom will grow with the growth of these plants. Ulmus bonsai tree is easy to take care and very beautiful to look at. Get this beautiful piece from the bonsai sale in Hyderabad list.

Pachira Money Tree Plant

The pachira tree is an indoor bonsai plant. It is also known as the money tree. This bonsai plant brings good luck and fortune to your place. It has evergeen leaves which looks very attractive. Most pachira trees have slightly swollen tree bark. These plants can be placed indoor near a window. A pachira bonsai plant can be used as a decorative indoor plant. Grab this bonsai plant from the bonsai sale in Hyderabad category.

Juniper Bonsai Tree

A juniper bonsai is a kind of cascade bonsai. it has a hard stem and the lifetime of a cascade juniper bonsai is quite long. A cascade juniper bonsai plant can handle extreme weather conditions. This is a low maintenance plant.  Though it does require regular pruning to maintain the shape. These plants can be placed indoors near a window as they love sunlight. Grab this amazing offer from bonsai sale in Hyderabad category.

Indoor Bonsai Trees for SALE

Carmona bonsai tree-10 yr old

This beautiful flowering tree is from the Fukien bonsai family. During the summer season, it bears small white pearl like flowers. This plant comes in an attractive eye catchy s-shape. It has beautiful little evergreen leaves. It works brilliant as a purifier and treats pollutants like toluene, formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals. This plant not only beautifies your living space but also helps with prosperity and good luck. It creates a lively environment and brings in positive energies. If you are looking for a bonsai sale in Hyderabad, Carmona bonsai is one of the best product for your space.

Ficus Bonsai Tree 6 yr old

The Ficus Ginseng bonsai trees usually have fat trunks. The roots of ficus ginseng are usually exposed. This gives the bonsai a tropical feel. Gensing Ficus trees have full clusters of glossy, oval shaped leaves. Ficus Ginseng have two or more heavy, thick exposed aerial roots. These roots appear more like tree trunks than a typical root. These amazing looking bonsai for sale in Hyderabad is perfect for indoors.

Jade Bonsai Tree

Jade plant is popularly known as the lucky plant or money plant.

This bonsai plant is famous for its money attracting nature. You can place this plant anywhere. They are believed to bring wealth and luck in your home. Good luck jade plant brings prosperity to the owner’s house. It is great at absorbing toluene in the air. Jade Bonsai Plant grows beautifully with a little amount of care.

Before buying a Bonsai Tree

Bonsai comes in various shapes and sizes and thus have a varied price range. Before buying a bonsai, you need to decide a suitable budget. There are few things you might want to think about before getting a bonsai tree.

Price range is an important key factor while buying a bonsai tree. Go through this table to have a better insight in the price range.

TypeSizePrice RangeSuitable For
Small Bonsai Tree for Sale15-20cm700-1200Beginners, Intermediate, Pro
Medium Bonsai Tree for Sale25-30 cm1800-3000Beginners, Intermediate, Pro
Grown Bonsai Tree For Sale30-60cm3500-7500Beginners, Intermediate, Pro
Old Bonsai Tree1mtr – 5 mtrsOn DemandBeginners, Intermediate, Pro
  • Indoor or Outdoor Plant

Think about a suited spot where you want to want to keep your bonsai plant. There are different bonsai plants depending upon the position suitability. Make a choice between Indoor bonsai plants and Outdoor bonsai plants for your space.

  • Do you know how to take care of a bonsai?

Like humans, bonsai plants need love and care. This helps them to grow and become healthy. Check our blog to know how to take care of a bonsai plant.

Things you may want to know

How much does a bonsai tree cost in India?

In India, bonsai plants are available at a minimum cost of 300 or even less. This range may rise up to thousands, depending upon the age and variety of the bonsai plant. Pre-bonsai which need some extra training, are comparatively cheap in price.

How can I buy bonsai tree in India?

Traditionally people visit nursery to get bonsai plants, which is a little troublesome process. A wide range of bonsai plants are available online where one can choose bonsai according to their price range.  This is a suitable option as one can go through the various varieties of bonsai plants and get their favorite. Get these amazing bonsai plants on sale.

What bonsai trees can grow indoors?

Trees like Pachira Bonsai, Grafted Ficus bonsai, Jade Bonsai, Carmona bonsai are brilliant Indoor Bonsai plants. They are perfect to keep indoors and do not require direct sunlight. These plants grow wonderfully inside your home without much care. They can be placed at a natural sunlight spot or near a window in your living space. 

What are the benefits of a bonsai tree?

A Bonsai tree comes with various benefits. Good luck jade and Carmona bonsai are some of the many bonsai plants which brings in positivity and good luck to your space. Bonsai plants brings charms and makes a peaceful environment. Feng shui bonsai plants fills the owner’s house with prosperity and is known creates a friendly habitat. Bonsai trees are also known to purify air. They cleanse the air by treating harmful pollutants like tuluene and formaldehyde.

You are ALL SET !!

The sale on bonsai trees in Hyderabad is on. Do not miss this opportunity and get your little plant, it will always keep a smile on your face.

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