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Bonsai Plants In Bangalore

Buy Bonsai Plants In Bangalore | Bonsai Tree Price in Bangalore

If you are looking for a bonsai tree companion, your search ends here with us! We help you own your bonsai plants in Bangalore at the most reasonable price according to the standards of the bonsai trees.

Bonsai Plants in Bangalore

Note: Now, we have daily shipments to Bangalore. Your order gets shipped tomorrow and will reach you in 4-5 days.

Bonsai plants are becoming increasingly popular, and we are receiving inquiries from bonsai enthusiasts in Bangalore. Bonsai in Bangalore are examples of how the age-old art of bonsai gardening is expanding worldwide. Bonsai trees come in various types that are suitable for gifting, air purification, and even good luck.

Best Indoor Bonsai Plants in Bangalore

In recent years, indoor plants for the house and interior gardens have been a global trend, but they have always been a part of homes. Abana Homes has a large selection of indoor plants to help you decorate your home and improve your quality of life.

Abana Homes have one of the most comprehensive and well-curated collections of indoor bonsai plants for all types of homes and needs. Low-light indoor plants, Glorious Carmona Bonsai, Ficus Long Island Bonsai, Carmona Indoor Flowering Bonsai Tree, Ficus Bonsai, lucky plants, air-purifying plants, low-maintenance plants, and many flowering plants are among the indoor plants available. The plants come in various sizes and are well-suited for low-maintenance gardening in tiny spaces.

Best Outdoor Bonsai Plants in Bangalore

Outdoor Bonsai Plants provide a patch of an outdoor area without leaving our houses. Balconies provide an excellent opportunity to design the area with our beautiful plants.

You could create your bonsai club with these Flowering Bougainvillea Bonsai, Serissa Mame Bonsai Plant With Exposed Roots, S Shape Ficus Bonsai, Ulmus Bonsai Trees, and more to give the entire space a wild but delicate aspect. All bonsai plants come with thorough information such as plant care advice, growing conditions, and plant FAQs, and they all look like the plant photographs on our website. 

We guarantee the delivery of high-quality bonsai plants in a safe and timely manner.

Bonsai Pots in Bangalore

Abana homes have high-quality ceramic pots made by artisans in Uttar Pradesh. Our every ceramic pot is beautifully designed and carved to satisfaction. Also, our bonsai pots are highly durable in strength. You can use these bonsai pots for Indoor Plants, Bonsai Plants and trees, and outdoor plants, too.

Bonsai Plants Nursery in Bangalore

  1. Tree Craft Bonsai
  2. Bonsai Art
  3. Bonsai Mane
  4. AR Arts and Bonsai
  5. Bangalore Agrico Bonsai Nursery

How to order Bonsai Plants online in Bangalore?

You can visit our store, Abana Homes.

  • Pick your favorite bonsai.
  • Check out the description to get to know more about your little friend. 
  • Place the order.
  • Fill in your details and pay for your bonsai.

Bonsai plants online in Bangalore from Abana Homes

Every plant has distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from others. Bonsai plants assist us in crushing obstacles and encouraging new starts in our lives. Make your home more attractive and buy bonsai plants online in Bangalore. 

TypeSizePrice RangeSuitable for
Small bonsai tree for sale15-20cm700-1200Beginner, intermediate, pro
Medium bonsai tree for sale25-30cm1800-3000Beginner, intermediate, pro
Big bonsai tree for sale30-60cm3500-7500Beginner, intermediate, pro
Old bonsai tree1-5mtrsOn-demandBeginner, intermediate, pro
Bonsai Plants Online in Bangalore

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Bonsai trees in Bangalore?

Earlier, people used to go to the nurseries to buy their bonsai. Now you can order them online at our store Abana Homes. You can get to know everything about the trees on our website.

Why should you buy bonsai trees online from Abana Homes?

Out of all the options available, our store Abana Homes helps you own bonsai trees. 

  • Abana Homes is one of the largest bonsai sellers in India
  • We, at AbanaHomes, not only sell the bonsai tree and plants, but also help you own the bonsai tree. We have a dedicated team of Bonsai Experts who help our customers in taking care of the plants whenever needed.
  • We offer complete care tips, and instructions along with the bonsai trees for you to understand them. 
  • The picture shown on the website resembles the bonsai. It will be same in all the aspects like shape, size, age, type, species, variety, pot-type and the material. It may slightly differ sometimes with respect to the amount of leaves as the leaves are ever growing.
  • Abana Homes offers the cheapest bonsai plants and trees in India as it is one of the largest importer, grower, and distributors of bonsai plants. Hence, the prices bonsai plants are the lowest.

What is the starting price of Bonsai plants in Bangalore at Abana Homes?

You can purchase Bonsai plants at Abana Homes for as little as 300 rupees. Depending on the age and kind of the bonsai plant, this number can reach thousands. Pre-bonsai, which require some further training, are relatively inexpensive.

Can I get the same-day delivery of Bonsai Plants in Bangalore?

When you order the bonsai plant today, it will be shipped tomorrow as we need one day to prepare the plant for shipment. You’ll get the delivery in 4-5 days.

How to take care of the bonsai plant in Bangalore?

Abana Homes offers a diverse selection of plants that can thrive in various light situations on a balcony, including partial to full sun, complete shade, and indirect light. Bangalore is one of the ideal places to own a bonsai. The weather in Bangalore is great for the bonsai tree and plants.

Upon delivery, you’ll get the complete care instructions. You’ll be connected to our Bonsai Care Team on WhatsApp to get the desired help when needed.

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