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indoor plants in ahmedabad

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We at Abana Homes offers a wide range of indoor plants online in Ahmedabad. From small succulents to large statement plants, all are available online at affordable prices starting from just Rs. 199.

Bringing greenery into your home or office is important to us, which is why we provide our customers with plants that are not only beautiful but also easy to maintain.

The benefits of indoor plants go beyond aesthetics. They can improve air quality and reduce stress levels. They can also boost moods, productivity, concentration, and creativity.

Indoor Plants In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad have a tropical monsoon climate, which is hot and dry, except in the rainy season. Summer days are very hot with a mean maximum temperature of 41.3°C. While nights are pleasant with a mean minimum temperature of 26.3°C.

The Indoor plants can maintain a good temperature and controls pollution from inside. In your home, you’ll find fresh oxygen by having indoor plants.

Best Indoor Plants in Ahmedabad For Offices

Indoor plants are a beautiful and natural way to add life to your business’s interior.  Benefiting employees’ health and well-being at the same time. Having a plant in your office will make you feel happier and more positive.

Snake plant, Spider plant, peace lily, ZZ plant and pothos are some of the best option for office. They are incredibly easy to take care of.  You can grow them in the darkest spaces, as well as in bright, window-filled offices. And they will still thrive when you forget to water them.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants for Sale in Ahmedabad

Growing indoor plants can help you reduce your carbon footprint. You’ll also be able to concentrate better and be more productive when you breathe more oxygen.

Peace lily, Areca palm, Bamboo palm and spider plant are best air purifier. They help improve indoor air quality and promote a healthier living environment in your home or office.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants  Ahmedabad

With a little bit of planning and creativity, even a small indoor space can be spruced up with greenery. To begin with, opt for plants that are low maintenance. 

There are several houseplants that keep the air pure and can survive with less maintenance. Some of them are Jade plant, Philodendron and Money plant.

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Best Low Light Plants To Buy In Ahmedabad

Many plants thrive in low light environments, so they are great for homes and offices without much natural light. Besides adding beauty and life to your indoor space, they also purify the air and calm your mind.

You can add beauty and life to any indoor space with the ZZ plant, snake plant, and Chinese plant.

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  • Original price was: ₹700.00.Current price is: ₹499.00.
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Best indoor plants for offices in Ahmedabad

Below are the best indoor plants to grow in your office to boost your productivity.

  • Peace lilies – excellent low-maintenance plants, which are suitable for office
  • Aglaonema –  boasts attractive, variegated leaves with green and white speckles, and eye-catching office plants.
  • Spider plant – excellent hanging and pedestal office plant.

Air-purifying Indoor plants for sale in Ahmedabad

Air-purifying plants maintain the right balance of oxygen levels in your body. In places without trees, they can balance carbon dioxide and oxygen levels. They can also remove pollutants and toxins from the air.

  • Snake plants –  great at eliminating harmful airborne chemicals and low-maintenance plants.
  • Ric-rac plants – they will merrily thrive in a shady spot as well as indirect light and is happy to be root bound.
  • Areca palm – Elegant with arching fronds that grow from the base.

Low-light indoor plants online in Ahmedabad

Low-maintenance plants are tailor-made to suit your busy life as they can thrive in indirect sunlight and don’t need regular pruning or watering. 

So, with these varieties of low-light and no-light indoor plants, you can decorate just about any corner of the home.

  • Philodendron – very tolerant of dark interiors, and fast-growing vines.
  • Pothos-  easy-care vining plant, which consumes low light.
  • Boston fern – thrives in partially shady indoor and outdoor locations away from cold drafts or heat ducts

Buy Feng Shui Indoor Plants Online in Ahmedabad:

Feng Shui is a belief in Chinese culture that conveys how “chi” or energy flows in an area or inside a room. Energy is the life-giving fuel that passes around and supports all living beings. A home or residential area must have a positive spirit or Chi, and one way to achieve this is to grow houseplants that are believed to possess the chi or positive power. Abana Homes has a wide array of houseplants and bonsais at the most reasonable price. You can get lucky bamboo, pothos, ZZ plant, aloe vera, etc all are known for their positive energy. 

Buy breathtaking Ornamental  Indoor Plants Online in Ahmedabad: 

Ornamental plants are in high demand and ordered by a huge number of people on our website because they are giving inside of our home beauty and grace. They deliver us with positive energy to live on and hold on to our lives. Have you ever thought of purchasing them online? Usually, these striking ornamental plants are very costly. But we are offering you the best deals on the best quality indoor plants in Ahmedabad including, jade plants, snake plants, peace lily, etc.

A Beginner’s Guide To Set Up Indoor Plants in Ahmedabad: 

Cultivating Indoor plants is not that tough if you keep a few matters in mind. Let’s see some of the important matters to follow while growing plants indoors;


Light is one of the crucial elements that a plant requires, it doesn’t matter which plant you are growing—giving an abundance of sunlight at a suitable position helps plants to have a fine ambiance. The best way to provide it is by keeping your houseplant near a south-facing window. If the light is too blunt on the plant, use a sheer curtain, which will filter the natural harshness of the light. 


Water is also an important component of plant survival. Even houseplants that are aboriginally from the desert require regular watering, which means you must have a source of water that can help satisfy the physiological purpose of a plant’s life. In summer months, plants love their soil being kept moist with regular misting; during winter, they need minimal water. 


Most indoor houseplants are tropical plants and are okay with soft humid climate conditions. Ventilation is an aspect that no one talks about, but It’s most convenient to keep it in humid states for it to mature healthy. If your plant is in a spot where bad ventilation is there, this may rot down the whole plant. Sometimes, open your windows to boost air circulation. 


Which Indoor plant is the best?

Plants with less maintenance and can purify the air with low-light taking the are best indoor plants. Snake plants had acquired all of these qualities.

Where can I find cheap Indoor plants?

Check out your local nursery or plant stores. Also, many retail website sells cheap indoor plants at reasonable price.

Which indoor plant is best for the living room?

Air purifying plants such as peace lily, snake plant and Areca palm are best indoor plants for living room.

Which indoor plant is best in India?

Probably with no doubt Snake plant is best and most suitable in Indian climatic conditions. They don’t take much water and are low-maintainence plants with low-light consumption.

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