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indoor plants in mumbai

Buy Indoor Plants in Mumbai At Best Price RS. 150

At Abana Homes, you can find a variety of indoor plants that are carefully selected for their beauty, durability, and ease of care. 

Whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant for your busy lifestyle or a statement piece to add to your decor, Abana Homes has something for you. 

With hassle-free online ordering and delivery system, you can easily buy indoor plants in Mumbai from the comfort of your home. 

You can bring a touch of nature indoors by adding some greenery to your space with Abana Homes.

Indoor Plants in Mumbai

A bustling city like Mumbai, with traffic and pollution, needs indoor plants to help purify the air.

You can find all kinds of indoor plants in Mumbai, from succulents and cacti to big, leafy plants like Fiddle Leaf Figs. 

Spider Plants, Snake Plants, Peace Lilies, and ZZ Plants are some of the most popular indoor plants in Mumbai.

Best Indoor Plants in Mumbai for offices

Adding indoor plants to your office not only boosts productivity, but also improves air quality and reduces stress.

Having oxygen-producing and air-filtering plants inside improves indoor air quality. In the workplace, maintaining indoor plants promotes a sense of ownership and a healthier environment.

Best Air Purifying Indoor Plants in Mumbai

A modern, energy-efficient building can come with unintended side effects. Less air flow is one of the side effects. 

Indoor air pollution can cause health issues like asthma and sick building syndrome if there’s not enough air flow. Here are a few plants NASA recommends for purifying the air:

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants in Mumbai

For people in Mumbai who want to enjoy the benefits of indoor plants without spending a lot of time and effort on maintenance, low maintenance indoor plants are a great choice. 

Here are some of the best low maintenance indoor plants for Mumbai:

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Low Light Indoor Plants for sale in Mumbai

Low light plants are great for indoor spaces with limited sunlight as they can survive in areas with little natural light.

They generally require less water and care than plants that require more light. This means that they are ideal for busy individuals who do not have a lot of time to dedicate to plant care.

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  • Original price was: ₹700.00.Current price is: ₹499.00.
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Best Indoor Plants in Mumbai for offices

Your workplace will transform into a more lucrative, engaging, and soothing setting with indoor plants. 

Indoor plants near your place of employment can help you feel less stressed and enhance the air quality. 

Office desks can be adorned with indoor plants as well. For both your physical and mental well-being, having indoor plants at your desk will make you feel better.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants online in Mumbai

Air-purifying plants remove harmful toxins from the air, including formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide. We can be exposed to these toxins through household products, furniture, and building materials.

Indoor air quality can be enhanced by air-purifying plants. It’s especially important for people living in urban areas like Mumbai, where air pollution is a problem.


Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Mumbai

These low maintenance indoor plants are dependable and gratifying whether you’re a novice gardener or simply short on time. 

Getting rid of these tough beauties takes a lot of work, since they’re hardy and tolerant of both over- and underwatering.

Low Light Indoor Plants for sale in Mumbai

Has your lack of light made you hesitant to grow houseplants in your house or in a certain room? Be at ease! 

In minimal light, indoor plants add greenery and natural beauty, making spaces more welcoming and relaxing. 


Q1. Which are the best indoor plants in Mumbai?

Ans. A snake plant, money plant, lucky bamboo plant, weeping fig, Boston fern, agave, aloe vera plant, grape Ivy, areca palm, and Indian basil plant are the best houseplants to grow in Mumbai.

Q2. Where can I buy indoor plants online in Mumbai?

Ans. Almost any nursery near you sells indoor plants. If you want to buy indoor plants online, browse our indoor plant collection and get them delivered.

 Q3. How do Abana homes ensure the safe delivery of the plant?

Ans. Abana Homes takes great care in packaging the plants to ensure they are delivered safely and damage-free.

Q4. How to take care of the Indoor Plants in Mumbai?

Ans. Bright light is best for your indoor plants, but some thrive in low light. Water your plant well. Keep a watch on the humidity and temperature range. Also, do not move plants often, change the pots as they grow.

Q5. When can I get the delivery in Mumbai?

Ans. Your plant will be delivered safely within 2-5 days.

Q6. How frequently should indoor plants in a home be watered?

Ans. Depending on the plant and the kind of soil, different amounts of water are needed. Most indoor plants require watering every one to three weeks. Rest, and only water the land when it is dry.

Q7. What kinds of plants may be kept inside?

Ans. To make a strong environmental statement with your house, you don’t need a sizable garden or terrace area. To rock your region, you only need a small amount of room and some green kids. The most common sorts of plants used in homes are ferns, lucky bamboo plants, spider plants, and tulsi.

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