Bonsai Plants In Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon

NCR Special Bonsai Tree

These bonsai plants are unique and little heavier for shipping. So, it’s difficult to ship using normal courier. For Delhi NCR, the home delivery is available. For other locations, you’ll have to coordinate with our team to arrange the delivery.

All the plants have real pics, So, please don’t bother asking for the pics.

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NCR Special Bonsai Tree

When we started the bonsai nursery a few years ago around Delhi, many of our business friends said that the taste of Delhi is different. No one will buy this.

And they were true.

But lately, we’ve seen the change in taste of the Delhites and the millennials.

With increasing populations from other places in Noida Extension, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad, we have seen decent spike in the orders from NCR region.

Therefore, we have included a decent range of bonsai plants only-for-NCR.

Same Day Delivery

You can also place the order for bonsai plants in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and Gurugram for same day delivery.

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Caring for bonsai plants in Delhi NCR

Weather is hot around Delhi and nearby region. This makes a good living condition for the bonsai plants. However, you must take care of watering as per the schedule daily/alternate days to ensure that the plant grows well.

Suitable for bonsai plants in Noida

Usually we suggest a few robust plants for bonsai plants in Gurugram and nearby regions. You can go for the grafted ficus plant bonsai, S Shape Ficus plant bonsai, Ulmus Bonsai Plant. Also, you can for the whole range of indoor bonsai plants.

Bonsai Plants in Gurugram

While we continue to serve you in the NCR region, we’ve been planning to open the bonsai house in Gurugram by 2021. Meanwhile you can continue getting bonsai plants online and get the delivery in 2 days.